Rubber Speed Cushion


Red Rubber Speed CushionOur rubber speed cushions are the ultimate in traffic calming solutions. Speed cushions are the most modern and innovative traffic calming solution to date.

Their unique modular design allows them to be quickly and easily installed, while providing a sufficient slowing incentive to vehicles.

What's more, due to the width of speed cushions, they can successfully slow regular traffic, without hindering wider emergency vehicles.

Sino Concept are manufacturing specialist of rubber speed cushions in China. To learn more about our bespoke, custom made traffic calming products contact us now.

Sino Concept's rubber speed cushions are manufactured to strict international safety standards! Contact us now to get the best possible price for your rubber speed cushions!

Red Rubber Speed CushionDESCRIPTION:
- Durable vulcanized rubber.
- Meets European standards.
- 6 parts: 2 right angles, 2 left angles, 2 middle
- Reflective strips for improved visibility.

- Individual in wooden boxes with all accessories.

- Available in black.

Speed cushion image gallery:

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