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Great Reasons to work with Sino Concept!

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Cut out the middleman and work directly with a professional manufacturer!

Manufacturing ourselves, in our own factories here in Qingdao, enables us to ensure excellent quality at unbeatable prices. Also working directly with a factory allows for greater flexibility.

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French owned and operated factories in China.

Our unique blend of French management and know-how combined with Chinese based factories, allows you the peace of mind of working with a French subcontractor, but with the benefits and flexibility of manufacturing in China.

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Excellent quality products.

For us, quality is the driving force and motivation behind each and every member of our team, from sales person to engineer.
Quality control doesn’t just start with the final product either! Quality inspections start with the raw material of each product, and closely follow each step of the manufacturing process to ensure the best possible product is produced.

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More than just a manufacturer.

Choosing to work with us means more than just gaining an experienced and reliable manufacturing partner in China. Working with us means exactly that! Choosing Sino Concept allows you to concentrate on your customers while we take care of the rest: design, manufacturing, quality control, logistics and shipping, customs clearance and delivery to your location. Let us take care of these steps for you.

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Optimized Logistics

Arranging shipping of your products through us saves you money, but more importantly time and hassle. Dealing with with just one company means you will have full access to tracking when you need it, while also making substantial savings.

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We don’t pretend to know everything.

Learning something new is what makes life exciting. That said though, we do understand each company works in it’s own way, and each manufacturing project will have it’s own unique design brief. There isn’t a prefabricated solution to everything, so we strive to tailor each manufacturing solution to our customers needs, want’s and expectations.

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Our employees are all specialists in their respective fields. We regard professional experience and expertise as highly important factors in aiding us to offer suitable products and solutions to complex problems. Our aim is that you achieve the result you want.

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Diverse, energetic and bright.

Our team members are from all over Europe and Asia, and each individual has their own unique ability and background. With our combined expertise, and experience we are able to meet our customers goals quickly and efficiently.

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We will always be here for you.

Once production is over and your products have safely arrived, we won’t leave you holding the baby. We are only a phone call, email or fax away, and are always more than happy to hear from you!

Why not see how buying direct from China can benefit your company?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your plans. A quick, simple, phone call may be all it takes to achieve your goals!

Tel: +86 53 28 57 57752
Before calling check the time in China here.
Office hours: 9:00 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 18:00.

Fax: +33 (0)1 78 72 90 00
E-mail : contact@sinoconcept.fr