What is Sino Concept?

street furniture manufacturer What is Sino Concept?

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturing group based in Qingdao, China. Being French owned and operated allows us to offer a greater level of service, while being based in China allows us to offer economical benefits.

With years of experience in manufacturing, we are able to produce a wide range of products according to your designs and specifications.

Sino Concept owns and operates 3 production sites offering a combined work space of more than 10000 square meters (107,600 square feet).


We manufacture the products you imagine!

professional of street furniture What is Sino Concept?

crowd barrier about us What is Sino Concept?

Sino Concept barriers during the 2011 Tour de France. We manufactured more than 9 km of barriers for the event.




Production Site One

Our first factory specializes in the design and manufacture of street furniture products such as bollards, railings, pedestrian barriers, bicycle racks, hoop barriers, rubbish bins, etc…


product street furniture about us What is Sino Concept?

Furniture made in our first production facility in Qingdao, China.

Production Site Two

Our second production site specializes in the manufacture of protective barriers such as temporary barriers, expanding barriers, manhole cover barriers, pedestrian safety barriers, etc…


product works protection about us What is Sino Concept?

Protective barriers by Sino Concept.



We individually check each product prior to packing!

speed cushions quality inspection What is Sino Concept?

At Sino Concept we take the quality of our products seriously and involve each member of our team, at each stage of production, to ensure the greatest quality possible.

Thanks to our years of experience in manufacturing, plus import-export, we ensure fast response and turn-around on each and every order and provide the following services.


  1. Preparing 2D and 3D computer aided designs.
  2. Loading plans.
  3. Samples.
  4. Manufacturing and production.
  5. Quality inspections and packaging.
  6. Customs clearance and final delivery to your warehouse.


A quick video tour of our factory !

By performing the majority of  manufacturing work in our own factories, we are able to ensure consistent quality, while manufacturing the products you want.

Our design department is available to build step by step customized solutions that best meet your needs.

What we show on our website is only a small portion of what we make. The majority of our work is based on our customers designs and for confidentiality reasons we do not post them online.


What to remember:

sino concept street funiture customized team What is Sino Concept?

Our friendly, skilled and enthusiastic team, are always happy to answer your questions and offer advice. We strive to give you complete satisfaction, with a smile.


Contact Us To Make Your Project a Reality!

Feel free to contact us to discuss your plans. A quick, simple, phone call may be all it takes to achieve your goals!
Tel: +86 53 28 57 57752
Before calling check the time in China here.
Office hours: 9:00 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 18:00.

Fax: 01 78 72 90 00
E-mail : contact@sinoconcept.com