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Sino Concept Guarantees Quality!

Sino Concept are one of the leading street furniture and traffic safety manufacturers in China! We have achieved this monumental goal thanks to our excellent range of top quality products and expert customer service.

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Our guaranty

Guaranteeing quality for us at Sino Concept means more than checking a few samples after a production run. Quality for us starts right at the heart of the company.

Being a French owned and operated company based in China means that we have the same quality expectations as you do. Plus we have the means to produce this quality at unrivaled prices!

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Just as with everything, quality must be there from the start! This is why all of our design ideas, prototypes and CAD drawings are thoroughly scrutinized from start to finish.

If we are not happy with a design it won’t make it to production!

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Computer Aided Design

CAD, or Computer Aided Design, is the the process of bringing your ideas to life in a virtual world. Once we are happy with an idea for a product we sit with our team of designers who bring our creations to the computer screen.

From here we can double check our designs, iron out any possible concerns and get a real feel of how our street furniture or custom products will look and how they will function in the real world.

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Prototypes and Sampling

Once we are thoroughly happy with the 2D and 3D computer models, detailed plans are sent to our factories here in China. Then our design team goes through the plans with the engineers going to make the real product.

All aspects are discussed and checked to ensure everyone involved has the same vision in mind.

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You can’t make excellent quality products without using the best materials on offer, so this is why we source our materials from the most trusted suppliers who share our passion for excellence.

Every material we use from steel, stainless steel, recycled rubber and natural rubber and any fixtures and fittings are inspected once they arrive at our factories before any fabrication begins.

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While our engineers are manufacturing any sample or finalized design each component is carefully checked to ensure tolerances are met.

Bends are created with carefully crafted moulds, custom tooling is designed for stamping and pressing, while bespoke jigs keep components in place while welded in together.

All welds are full seam welds (unless the design states otherwise) and all burrs, sharp edges and laser cut areas and carefully machined to give a perfect finish.

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Once welding is complete a through inspection takes place to ensure welds are not ‘under-cut’, edges are smooth and tolerances are in check.

We understand that a clean, oil free surface is necessary before powder coating, E-coating, zinc plating or hot dip galvanizing takes place, and so clean our steel products in a variety of ways depending on the products and thickness of the piece.

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Now, that the products are ready and looking fantastic, we want to keep them that way for our customers to appreciate.

To keep both product and finish in excellent condition while in transit we carefully pack each bollard, guardrail, expanding barrier, etc with bubble wrap and then place in to custom made wooden crates or steel pallets.

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Sino Concept Exceptional Quality Guaranteed!

Here at Sino Concept we are not content with just saying that our products are some of the best made on the market, we actually go as far to prove it!

Please take the time to watch the videos below to see just how strong our finished products are!