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What is Hot Dip Galvanizing?


How can you describe the hot dip galvanisation process.

Hot dip galvanizing is the process of adding a protective zinc coat to metal products. The technique involves several steps, including immersing the product in a bath of molten zinc. Once it is completed it provides long lasting protection against corrosion.



The cleaning before the final hot dip galvanisation.

 First the product must be cleaned and prepared for dipping. There are 3 stages of this 'pretreatment.'

- Firstly the steel is thoroughly cleaned to remove oil, grease, dirt and paint.
- Next, the steel is pickled in an acid solution to remove any residue.
- Last, a flux of zinc ammonium chloride is applied to prevent the cleaned surface from oxidizing when it is exposured to the air.




Hot dip galvanisation of barriers in progress.

After preparation and cleaning, the steel is immersed into 450 °C bath of molten zinc. Fully immersing the product makes sure that every inch of the surface comes into contact with the zinc.

The parts are removed from the bath and the excess zinc is allowed to run off.



Hot dip galvanized cross pedestrian railings. 

In the third stage, the treated products are quickly cooled in a water bath to ensure the zinc binds tightly to the surface.

The product is now weather proof and after inspection can pass on to packing or powder coating.


Advantages of hot dip galvanizing.

Transport ready galvanized barriers.

Galvanizing offers a few distinct advantages:

- Full internal and external protection from corrosion.
- Resistance to bumps and scratches
- Extends the service life of the product


The Hot dip galvanizing process:

The process steps of the hot dip galvanisation.


Sino Concept’s hot dip galvanizing video


With many years experience in the hot dip galvanizing process, we are able to ensure your road furniture and traffic safety products provide years of reliable service. 

To find out more about our glavanized products, please visit our street furniture product pages.





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