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What is Powder coating?


How can you describe powder coating.

Powder coating is a method of painting that we use to ensure an even and long lasting finish. It involves spraying the product with fine powder paint and then curing it in an oven to ensure a strong bond.


The powder coating process:

The process of powder coating generally involves three separate stages: pre-treatment, coating and curing:


1. Pre-treatment

The cleaning bath before the powder coating.

To ensure an even coat and strong bond the product must first be thoroughly cleaned. This step removes any dirt or oil that could spoil the finish. The part is cleaned, degreased and pickled to prevent re-oxidization.

With the pieces clean and prepared, we can begin powder coating.


2. Powder coating.

Anti Terrorism litter bin powder coating in progress.

Next we use an electrostatic spray gun to apply a fine coat of powder paint to the products. The gun charges the paint particles ensuring that they stick to the part at a thickness of roughly 100 microns. Any over-spray can be collected and reused to reduce waste.


3. Curing

The final powder coating inspection after the baking.

Once the powder is applied, the product is placed into an oven to dry and cure. This ensures a strong bond between the new coat of paint and the surface of the product.

When they are ready, they undergo a final quality control inspection before passing on to packing.


Powder coating process diagram

The 6 powder coating process steps.



✔ The main benefits of powder coating

The main benefits of powder coating summarized.

Powder coating offers distinct advantages over other painting techinques:

- The one-coat application process creates a thicker coat than conventional liquid paints.
- A Bright smooth and even finish without paint runs.
- Resistance to high temperatures, UV light, acid and solvents
- A large choice of colors and textures are available.
- Fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC)
- Over-spray powder can be collected and reused cutting down on waste.

The main benefits of powder coating summarized.

 Sino Concept powder coating video

The video below was made during a powder coating run of bollards in our factory:

With our many years of experience in Powder Coating, we are able to manufacture the products you need, to the specifications you require. To see some examples of our powder coated products please visit our street furniture product pages here.





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