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What is Zinc Plating?


How can you describe the zinc plating process.


Zinc Electro plating is a technical process that we use to add a ten micron layer of zinc to our steel products.



our Zinc Plating process

The zinc plating process steps.



step one:


The cleaning before the zinc plating process.


First, the product must be prepared for treatment. It is washed to remove any dirt an oil from its surface and picled to remove any oxide residue.


step two:

Zinc plating bath for the right finishing.


Next, it is submerged in a solution of zinc sulphate and a current is passed through it. This attracts the zinc particles to the product and binds them tightly to the surface.


Third step:

The zinc plating follow up treatment.


The products are removed from the bath and the excess solution is allowed to run off. The products are inspected and moved to a drying oven where their new coating is dried and baked on. They are removed from the oven and undergo a final quality control inspection.

From here the product passes on to powder coating or packaging.


✔ The main benefits of zinc plating:


Zinc plated products after the treatment.


Zinc electro plating offers:

- Weather and corrosion protection over the entire product.
- A shiny attractive finish
- Extended service life for the product


We use this finsh on many items in our standard range from bollards and railings to bike racks and litter bins.

Take a look at our other surface treatments on our know-how pages.




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