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The 10 best designs for illuminated bollards

Illuminated bollards come in all forms and shapes imaginable. Whether it is for public spaces or your private garden, these 10 designs will surely smarten up your plain looking pathways and garden facilities!

Even though Sino Concept did not manufacture those design bollards, we can create for you the bollard you need, so feel free to check our bollards page and contact us.

Illuminated bollards that will catch your eye

1. Potato lightening sticks

Garden outdoor led lightening bollard

Decorative LED lightening bollards in the form of potato sticks


The light version of French fries. Enjoy the view and lose weight at the same time. The design of lightning sticks works with an indirect LED bollard lightening system. It gives you the perfect light intensity for every summer occasion and is a beautiful eye catcher at the same time!

2. Universe star bollard lights

Led bollard lamp bulbs different colors

LED bollard lamps with a dreamy universe concept


The discreet bollard lightening with futuristic optic design make your commercial buildings and walking paths to the most interesting place in your surroundings. Thanks to the integration of light emitted diodes, you will be able to change and adapt the light color of every outdoor bollard lightening.

3. Trouser commercial bollard lights

Stainless steel bollard lights large height

Specially designed stainless steel bollards that resemble trousers


Perfectly suitable for touristic attractions and sightseeing areas! Make your city to something special and stand up from all the others with special and unique designs! Trousers, shirts or any other vertical shapes, decide on your own for the shape and bollard lamp!

4. Domino stone modern bollard light

electric illuminated bollards square surface-mounted

Domino-shaped electric bollards that create a calm and romantic atmosphere


A great alternative to illuminated walking path bollards are the domino LED-lightening bollard systems. The idea of the lightning is to create a warm, calming and relaxing situation. Therefore, it is often seen in hotel territories, wellness studios or any other public areas.

5. Donut low voltage bollard light

Commercial lightening post circle shape

Circle shaped lightening posts causing a warm and comfortable atmosphere


Whether you are looking for architecture bollard lights, light simulation or customized modules – Sino Concept exterior bollard lights can make your outdoor area to something very special.

Modest but classic light bollards

6. Mosaic garden lights

Green glass-mosaic outdoor bollard lights

Four green glass-mosaic bollards illuminating a path in a garden


Innovative, colorful and bright at the same time! The mosaic lantern bollards, manufactured with bright colorful glass, make your private gardens or commercial parklands to a magical place! Don’t miss the perfect combination of traditional and classic styles combined in one product.

7. Swarovski light column bollards

Transparent glass led bollard fixture

Elegant looking, transparent glass LED bollards


The gorgeous rooftop bollard post lights make every roof to the most beautiful and attractive place in your area! The post lightening is the perfect design solution for every bar and café. Meet the art of classy and modernity at the same time!

8. Cobra bollard lamps

Stainless steel outdoor bollard light

Innovative outdoor bollard light in the form of a cobra, made from stainless steel


Modern and stylish at the same time. This illuminated bollard in the shape of a Cobra provides an intensive and warm light. Made of stainless-steel, the lightning is not only a perfect eye-catcher in public places but also ultra resistant against weather influences. Rain, storm, snow, or any other influences, no need to be bothered with these kinds of things anymore!

9. Illuminated solar bollard

Metal solar powered bollard light fixture

Solar powered metal bollards lights with a modern design for public spaces


A great opportunity to combine solar lights with modern bollard designs. Also, due to the large height, a bright lightening is guaranteed! Just perfectly suitable for zoos, parks, or any other public territories. These lights make the night lightened for sure!

10. Wooden illuminated bollards

Commercial surface mounted wooden bollard lights

Surface mounted bollard lights made from wood, fitting perfectly into the natural surroundings


This Mediterranean led lighted bollard can be found in Spain. It is heat-resistant and bright during the night, therefore a perfect solution for beaches and other peaceful places!

Our Team of designers at Sino Concept is always interested to create and develop new designs. Find out more about illuminated bollards, its reason, how they work and installation tips.

About us

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.
Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.

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