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Street Furniture /Barriers/ Traffic Safety
Steel bollard head powder coated

No need to paint our powder coated bollards!

If you believe that powder coated bollards, which are designed to stay outside in all-weather conditions, need periodically painting or bollard covers to keep looking good, […]
Decorative bollard cover to protect street bollards

Materials of bollard covers

Bollard covers are used to provide long-term protection for security bollards against the risk of corrosion. Bollard sleeves keep street bollards in their best condition, extending […]
Rust bollard and bollard with plastic bollard covers

How to improve facility appearance with plastic bollard covers!

Plastic bollard covers come in every color you can imagine and it is possible to customize them to fit any shape. In that way, if there […]
Bollard covers available in many colors

All you need to know about bollard sleeves!

What are bollard sleeves used for? Bollard sleeves are a protective sleeve that easily fit over your existing bollards to give them a fresh look. They are also […]
Concrete bollards with metal teeth

Bollards Making History – Dragon Teeth Concrete Bollards

Protection bollards have high efficiency and are indeed multifunctional. For example, in the past, they did not use concrete bollards only to protect pedestrians and delineate […]
Metal road bollards

Who invented road bollards?

Road bollards as we know them today actually come from cannons captured during the Napoleonic war. Apparently, cannons were stuck in the ground with a cannonball on the […]
Protection by pipe bollard

Pipe bollards

If you are looking for simple design, easy installation and high levels of protection at the same time, pipe bollards are the perfect answer! Made from […]
Design steel bollards

Top 10 bollard designs you have to see

Street bollards can be found almost everywhere on the globe. However, not all of them are as ordinary as the one you will most certainly encounter […]
Wooden bollards at the water in Geelong

Wooden Geelong bollards – tourist attraction and dilemma

In the city of Greater Geelong, Australia, their special wooden Geelong bollards represent a real touristic attraction! Carved out of wood and depicting various historical and […]
Steel bollards paint as cyclops

Cyclops Bollards

We’ve seen some odd bollards over the past years. Other than coming in different shapes, colors and materials, Parisian streets are now decorated with something completely new: Cyclops […]