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How do bollard lights work?

Besides the reasons to use bollard lights, it is important to get an understanding of how bollard light actually works. Bollards are available in the most different variations of which you can imagine. Starting from the point of installation, the material of which the bollard will be made, the individual finishing’s which are available up to the design aspects.

Sino concept has become a reliable bollard manufacturer. To know everything about the product bollard we manufacture, check our bollards page.

Two Stainless steel illuminating bollards

Two bollards made of stainless steel illuminating a pathway


Bollard post lights are basically the same as the originally known bollards, just with an inserted lightening system and an exchanged bollard top. Instead of a round, ball or flat top, you will find a light bulb, LED lights or a solar top.

Concrete solar bollard light

Decorative solar lightening bollard made of concrete


What makes commercial bollard light so special?

Well, once you have made the decision of all important factors such as the dimension, the finishing, the color, the lightening system and the energy source there are even more options available than only that!

Outdoor bollards illuminations

Square illuminating outdoor bollards


Make your own choice. For more information about illuminating bollards, finishings or manufacturing process, our Sino Concept website is very rich of detailed information.

After your installation process, you will be able to install your distribution patterns.

Lighted bollard distribution patterns

Distribution patterns basically make you decide the light distribution. Whenever you want to have a symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution, make your own decision and choose on your own!

Post Bollard light distribution drawing

Two different ways of bollard post light distribution


Are commercial bollard lights and garden bollard lights reliable?

Once you start looking for lightening systems on the market, you will see that you have a lot of options with different features available. However, in comparison to all those garden and outdoor bollard lightening systems is the bollard lamp probably the most reliable option. Additionally, to its long lifetime, it can also be economically friendly.

In case you should have any further questions, which lightening system you should use, please find our Sino Concept blog entry about Classic light bulb, Led-or Solar bollard lights.

About us

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.
Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.

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