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How to improve facility appearance with plastic bollard covers!

Plastic bollard covers come in every color you can imagine and it is possible to customize them to fit any shape. In that way, if there is visible damage or the bollards are simply old, they can get back their polished look!

Worn bollards

The typical materials for steel bollards are durable metals. Their common use is to provide protection, guide automobile and pedestrian traffic and highlight walkways.

You can usually find bollard posts in high-traffic areas. Due to that they are often dinged and scratched with some of the paint removed. Therefore steel posts can easily become an eyesore.

Steel bollards for protection

Worn out steel bollards used as protection from impact


You can save time and money if you purchase your next 316 stainless steel bollards from Sino Concept since they have a long-time experience in manufacturing site furnishings.

Bolt down stainless steel bollard

Stainless steel bollard as alternative long-term solution


The heavy-duty steel construction and attractive powder-coated finish allow their pipe bollards to be used all over the city. Because of the high quality and long durability of their parking bollards, you will probably never need any of the plastic bollard covers!

An alternative short-term solution is a plastic bollard cover. Next to advantages emphasized in the article “All you need to know about bollard sleeves”, it is important to get an understanding of how to improve your facility appearance with plastic bollard covers.

Advantage of plastic bollard covers

Plastic bollard covers can become a cost-efficient alternative to cast iron bollards. They are ideal to create an attractive, polished look of your old, faded bollards.

Rust bollard and bollard with plastic bollard covers

Damaged bollard next to a bollard with a plastic sleeve


Easy to maintain and to install over old posts, decorative bollard covers can enhance the exterior of your branch.  Decorative bollard sleeves look like traffic bollards but they have the advantage of being lightweight.

Outdoor decorative bollard sleeves in black

Decorative black plastic bollard covers making the bollards appear all-new


Plastic pipes are available in a wide variety of colors. Custom colors, safety warnings, symbols, corporate logos and reflective stripes are also available.

Due to their design for maximum durability, these polyethylene covers are ideal for buildings where appearance is a high priority.

Also, pipe bollard covers are universally usable. Customers mainly install them to mark boundaries, to control vehicular and human traffic, to add value to any building or to improve the landscape of their property.


1. To improve the appearance of your facility, we recommend considering the decor and color scheme your facility. Plastic sleeves are available in any color to comply with corporate branding needs.


Bollard covers available in many colors

Plastic bollard sleeves come in various colors


2. Decide if you either want the plastic post covers to be part of the outdoor landscaping or if you want them to blend into the background.

3. Also, determine the number of plastic bollard covers needed according to your requirements. For example, a row of posts lining an entryway sidewalk keeps people from wandering onto the grass and provides visual appeal.

As we gave an overview of bollard covers and alternative solutions, now it´s up to you to make your own decision which plastic bollard sleeves or bollard material suits particularly to your requirements.

About us

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.
Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.

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