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Installation of Outdoor Bollard Light

Outdoor bollard light can be found in the most different outdoor areas.  They are available as embedded or surface mounted model. Moreover, it is optional to design them with custom heights, custom paintings, surge protectors, and battery backups for emergencies. To discover classic bollards, feel free you check our page dedicated to decorative bollard.

Constructions of a bollard landscape and commercial lightening

Outdoor bollards need a very strong base in order to have a durable life. Therefore, two optional base plates are available. Embedded or surface mounted, for whatever model you will decide for, you have to keep in mind that with its plate the power light source might differ too.

Depending on the height and the width of the small bollard light it is possible to install an emergency battery backup which makes your walking path or other areas for sure always bright.

Remote controlled solar powered outdoor bollard light

Solar powered bollard lights controlled by a remote


Exterior illuminating bollard base plates

In order to have a long-lasting and strong base plate, it is the best to select a plate which is made out of cast ironed metal (e.g. aluminum). This material is strong and resistant to many factors such as weather, public crowds or generally spoken the environment.

Surface mounted color lightening bollard

Surface mounted lightening bollards illuminating a bridge


Head of outdoor bollard light

At Sino Concept we use cast aluminum for our bollard heads. This material promises a hard, dense and long durability. It protects the light source and secures the gaskets, vandal-resistant outer lens, and other important components.

Powder coated led illuminating led bollards

Two LED illuminating bollards made of cast aluminum


We fix our outdoor bollard light head with special selected resistant screws. Due to the carefully selected equipment, it can be prevented that water can pool in and thereby penetrate the outdoor bollard light intensity and prevent corroding of the material.

Finishing & protection of bollard lamps

You are almost at the end. Besides the important information listed above and the right finishing, you will be able to install the best fitting lights bollard according to your needs, just where you want!

LED, solar or the standard outdoor bollard light can have different colored bulbs and various shapes – everything you can imagine! Be creative, from the classic bollard up to the most colorful bollards, we at Sino Concept – street furniture manufacturer have proven more than once that they are able to customize every product in our assortment.

Whenever talking about the general Bollards, Pedestrian Guard Rails, Metal tree guards or other outside furnishings, high quality is always the most important factor!

We offer great opportunities and a large range of different finishings. Whenever you decide for a powder coated, e-coated or galvanized bollard finishing, no doubt! Our team of designers can help and assist you with every option. Contact us now!

We at Sino Concept can assist you with all you need to know about bollard lightening and for which reasons you should install bollard lights!

About us

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.
Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.

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