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Materials of bollard covers

Bollard covers are used to provide long-term protection for security bollards against the risk of corrosion. Bollard sleeves keep street bollards in their best condition, extending service life and replacing the need for regular painting.

In the article “All you need to know about bollard sleeves” the advantages of bollard covers, compared to powder coated bollards and 316 stainless steel bollards manufactured by Sino Concept are already emphasized. For more information feel free to check our page dedicated to stainless steel bollards.

Standard steel bollards require regular painting to protect from weathering and rust. Especially in areas with regular exposure to moisture and high-saline conditions (e.g. from exposure to salt-water spray or de-icing salts).

Furthermore, it is important to get an understanding of the different materials for bollard sleeves. That way it can meet your requirements the best.

But which material should you choose for your bollard cover?

Plastic bollard covers

Polyethylene bollard covers provide cost-effective protection for steel posts and are available in a variety of different colors.

Plastic bollards various colors

13 different color combinations for bollard plastic covers


Permeated colors minimize the appearance of chips and scratches from collisions, whereas additional reflective stripes ensure high visibility of the bollard poles.

The plastic post covers can withstand all weather. Polyethylene is a common material for bollard sleeve covers as it´s known to be rip-proof, waterproof, fade resistant and mold proof. When used outdoors, the bollard won’t rust and will resist to high-saline conditions.

Stainless steel bollard covers

The stainless steel bollard covers feature an elegant design. They are installed over steel bollards to enhance site aesthetics and protect them against weathering and corrosion.

Bollards covers made of stainless steel


Steel bollard posts can be susceptible to corrosion. Especially in high moisture environments with regular exposure to salt-water spray or de-icing salts.

To increase the visibility of stainless steel covers it is possible to powder-coat them in a range of colors.

Decorative bollard covers 

These decorative bollard sleeves are an excellent choice to protect safety bollards. They can also enhance the overall aesthetic of surrounding buildings and landscapes.

Decorative bollard cover to protect street bollards

Decorative black bollard covers for street bollards with chain


Ductile cast iron: Unlike standard cast iron, which is highly brittle and susceptible to cracking, ductile iron pipe bollard sleeves offer excellent strength and are ideal for intricate patterns and ornamentation.

Steel: Due to its strength and durability, steel is one of the most widely used building and site furnishings materials worldwide. With proper care, it has an extremely long lifespan.

Decorative bollard covers made of different materials such as steel.

Three bollard sleeves made from different materials

Aluminum is a corrosion resistant material, which is ideal for removable bollards as it provides an ideal balance of ductility and hardness.

Durable powder coating

Decorative bollards feature powder coatings to ensure lasting durability that will resist weathering and corrosion. Powder coatings are available in a range of colors, which ensure the best visibility for road bollards.

If you contemplate about rather buying new traffic bollards instead of hiding your rusted, old bollards with plastic sleeves, it´s recommended choosing specially treated security posts.

Meanwhile, it is common to install hot deep galvanized and powder-coated ram bollards. More bollard manufacturers, like Sino Concept, offer bollards with hot deep galvanized steel and powder-coated finishing to ensure rust free, colorful, long-life bollards.

No matter if you prefer bollard post covers or powder-coated bollards in future time. Both solutions guarantee a long durability of your bollards.

About us

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.
Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.

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