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No need to paint our powder coated bollards!

If you believe that powder coated bollards, which are designed to stay outside in all-weather conditions, need periodically painting or bollard covers to keep looking good, you are wrong!

Steel bollard head powder coated

Steel bollard head just after powder coated process


With Sino Concept’s powder coated bollards painting is a thing of the past. Sino Concept manufactures a huge range of metal bollards. We can manufacture customized bollards according to your requirements to make it blend into your designated landscape. To know more, discover our full range on our page dedicated to bollards.

So, if we got you interested into alternative solutions to bollard sleeves, don´t hesitate to have a look at our article “All you need to know about bollard covers”.

Sino Concept bollard treatments

Sino Concept manufactures all steel products including driveway bollards at our own factories in China. The complete manufacturing process from receiving the materials, cutting, welding, stamping and machining take place internally, but there is more to come at our own factories!

In addition, Sino Concept performs the entire finishing treatments in-house as well, to ensure the ultimate quality and also a weather resistant and attractive finish.

Powder coated street bollards

Street bollards on their way to bake in our oven


The most popular, long-lasting and best-looking finishing treatments for traffic bollards is a combination of both e-coating and powder coating.

Sino Concept protective bollards e-coating

After welding and machining the iron bollards, we take them over to our preparation rooms. Depending on the type of bollard and the bollard head used, we will either use a chemical cleaning process or sandblast process to completely remove any dirt, oil or other impurities.

Powder coated bollards process drawing

The whole process of powder coating


Subsequently, we bath the cleaned crash bollards in the e-coating baths, which is a crossover between plating. As a result, it gives the bollard pipe a complete and equal coating, which ensures full corrosion resistance.

Sino Concept’s powder coated bollards process

  • After finishing the e-coating process, and after cleaning and drying the heavy-duty bollards, the next step is the powder coating. We use powder coat on our bollard construction for a number of reasons, such as:
  • Full all over coating
  • Smooth equal finish
  • No dripped paint
  • Hard wearing finish
  • Fast to apply
  • Anti-UV protection
  • Protection against all-weather conditions


We apply the powder coat with an electric gun and immediately afterward the bollard steel passes through our large custom-made oven.

Also, we collect any leftover powder of the powder coating process in the booth and reuse it, which makes powder coating moreover environment-friendly.

At the end of the manufacturing process, we conduct a final inspection. Like this, we make sure to supply our bollards according to our quality standard.

So, if you are interested in our powder coated bollards don´t hesitate to contact us or check our website or decorative bollard.

About us

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.
Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.

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