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Street Furniture /Barriers/ Traffic Safety
bollard made of stainless steel

What are lighted bollards?

Before the invention of lighted bollards, the meaning for bollards is originally from a post for ship and quay zones. Safety and protection are the common […]
Commercial lightening post circle shape

The 10 best designs for illuminated bollards

Illuminated bollards come in all forms and shapes imaginable. Whether it is for public spaces or your private garden, these 10 designs will surely smarten up your […]
Low voltage outdoor bollard light made from glass

Reasons to use Bollard Lights

Bollard lights became more and more popular in recent years. The outdoor lighting offers a number of benefits and provides a gorgeous ambiance at the same […]
Powder coated led illuminating led bollards

Installation of Outdoor Bollard Light

Outdoor bollard light can be found in the most different outdoor areas.  They are available as embedded or surface mounted model. Moreover, it is optional to […]
Outdoor bollards illuminations

How do bollard lights work?

Besides the reasons to use bollard lights, it is important to get an understanding of how bollard light actually works. Bollards are available in the most […]
Surface mounted led bollard lights

Classic light bulb, LED- or solar bollard lightening?

Nowadays, you can find bollard lightening systems everywhere, in private and in public areas. Therefore, quite a few light and energy sources have been developed. Solar-, […]
Designed cycle hoop 4 bikes rack

Bicycle rack, enough to prevent theft?

Since we entered the 20th century we observed the rise of eco-friendly behavior such as bike riding. But more cycles in the streets means a greater […]
designer park bike rack

When art meets industrial bike racks

Modern urbanism started to look for personality through art when unique industrial bike racks were developed in order to bring something different. To see how special […]
Public bike rack holder

Why do we see more bike rack systems in our streets?

The fact that we can see more bike rack systems than before is mostly due to the new craze for biking in Europe and North America. […]
Steel bike racks on sidewalk of Malmo

Top 5 countries using Sino Concept’s steel bike stands

Among many interesting places, we found pioneers in the usage of steel bike stands. As you can guess, our top customers are also highly placed in […]