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Top 10 bollard designs you have to see

Street bollards can be found almost everywhere on the globe. However, not all of them are as ordinary as the one you will most certainly encounter in your neighborhood. Some of them represent true pieces of art and have special bollard designs while others would surely put a smile on your face during your everyday walk.

Below we made a list of those we find most interesting. Enjoy!

For more classical designs of metal bollards, you can check our bollards page.

Painted street bollards

1. Ninja Turtle bollards

In the city of Istanbul, in Turkey, not only will you enjoy long walks along the Bosporus and masterpieces of Ottoman architecture and art. But you might as well be surprised by the inspiring street furniture! From animal shaped telephone booths to these street art bollards you might well prepare your memory card with enough space before your trip!

Bollards with the heads painted as ninja turtles

Various colored Ninja turtle street bollards


2. Cyclops street bollards

If you want to know more about this type of bollards, check out our article about Cyclops bollards! These street bollards are worth reading about!

Cyclops looking bollards

Specially designed bollards that look like Cyclops


3. Decorative Lego bollards

These decorative bollards are a product of combining toy elements with ancient Greek mythology creatures. Created by Le Cyclop these bollards represent an upgrade to his existing Cyclops bollards by personalizing them with the familiar yellow Lego face.

Painted street bollard designs with lego theme

Cyclops bollards painted to look like Lego figures


4. Cast iron street bollard in the UK

The City Council of Winchester, England, had funded the painting of 16 bollards in this municipality with motives depicting some of the most important masterpieces of all times such as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Klimt’s Fulfillment. Timeless pieces from other artists such as Matisse, Mondrian and Kandinsky may also be seen on these decorative posts.

Classic painting mona lisa street bollard

Painted street bollard of the famous painting Mona Lisa


5. Tarragona bollards in Spain

In Tarragona, Spain, you will find many narrow streets lined with rows of colorful bollards. Each of them was painted individually by anonymous artists. It all started as a community project inviting locals to give a personal touch to their neighborhood. Result: People wait in long queues for their turn to paint their own customized bollard.

Decorative bollard made of steel

Decorative steel bollards on the streets of Spain


6. Minion bollards

It seems that cartoons remain the main source of inspiration for most street artists. Hence, in Singapore one artist has used motives from the new Disney’s animated movie: Despicable Me. Its Minions became famous with all generations over the globe and now we may see them even on cement bollards!

Concrete bollard shaped as minions

Bollards made of concrete that resemble the much-loved Minions


Special bollard designs as eye catcher

7. Bollards in Australia

This swimming team is just an example from over 100 unique bollards in the city of Greater Geelong in Australia. Very colorful and personalized, these wooden bollard designs are a true touristic attraction!

Geelong bollards made of wood in Australia

Iconic wooden bollards in Geelong, Australia

Read more about Geelong bollards on our blog.


8. Basketball bollards

Next time when you happen to see a lonely ball in the street, think twice before you run towards it and show off with your sports skills! You might end up being hurt! These ball bollards show an amazing idea of how to easily refurbish just about any city area and bring more color and life to old concrete bollards!

Street bollard with a ball shape

Street bollard that comes in the shape of a basketball


9. Bollards of Prague

The blue colored steel pipe bollards in Prague, Czech Republic have immediately caught our attention. These warrior design bollards are serving as traffic posts on a small square in the city center of the capital.

Design steel bollards

Dark blue steel bollards shaped like human heads


10. Bollards of Seattle

These Smurf blue bollards perhaps represent the most peculiar bollard design we have seen so far! They may be seen in Seattle serving as bicycle lane separator and parking bollards.

Blue road bollard for parking lot equipment

Unique road bollard on a street to separate a bike lane from parking cars


To read more about different bollard designs and different street bollard trends, follow this link and you will find more interesting articles!

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Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.
Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.

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