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Outdoor bike stand : The 10 most uncommon you can find!

Ever thought about the most unusual outdoor bike stand all around the word? Yes? Perfect! Here you can find Top 10 outside bike racks we found. And for less crazy versions check our outdoor bike rack for sale and let us surprise you! And don’t forget to read our article about regular and custom bike racks!

Outdoor bike stand fashionably merged with other themes

1. Did you ever wonder how would it be if women would rule the world? Probably yes. And, hey, we did it too! Apparently, there is already a crazy design in the USA of one of the most feminine tools converted into an outdoor bike stand.

Outdoor interesting bike stand

Commercial outdoor bike stand covered by a comb


2. There is also one for coffee-lovers! We are wondering if they get some discounts… and where is the closest coffee shop!

Outdoor bike stand made of metal

Outdoor bike stands for those who love coffee


3. What if you are an active cyclist but it is not the only sport you love? Maybe skateboarding, motorcycling… or riding. No need to be worried! You can find some special outdoor bike stands also for yourself.

Custom outdoor bike stand for commercial use

Custom outdoor bike stand shaped as red horse


4. Knowing the weather this metal bicycle stand is located perhaps in Great Britain or Belgium. Because where else the climate is as much unpredictable as there.

Custom bike rack in form of clouds

Metal custom bike rack designed as storm clouds


5. This one is really surprising but it has an interesting story. This metal bike stand is placed in Italia. And its main reason is to show, how much less space the bicycles take in comparison to cars. Instead of 3 autos, you can park around 27 bikes!

Custom bike rack montaged in Italy

Custom bike racks placed on the street in Italy


6. Do you still remember the outdoor bike stands for coffee-lovers? What matches perfectly this hot beverage? Let’s think a moment…Hmm, maybe some books! That’s probably, what the designer of this masterpiece was thinking.

Metal bike rack designed as “books”

Metal bike racks in form of “books”

Elegant integration of bike racks as street furniture

7. And what about locking your bike to designed metal bike racks? In case your bicycle would feel alone.

Outdoor bike stand shaped as bikes

Cool outdoor bike stands in form of bikes


8. These urban bicycle racks can be found in Denmark. Isn’t it cool that the bikes become part of the street design?

Metal bike rack melted into the street

Amazing custom metal bike racks melted into the sidewalk


9. How obvious, huh?

Funny urban outdoor bike rack

Outdoor bike racks designed in form of words


10. Are you green? Do you like recycling? This person for sure does.

Pallet outdoor bike rack

Homemade outdoor bike rack made out of pallets


We do love recycling too. Check our website to find the wide range of our outdoor bike stands and many other recycled products suiting your needs perfectly!

About us

Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.
Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.

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