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Wooden Geelong bollards - tourist attraction and dilemma

In the city of Greater Geelong, Australia, their special wooden Geelong bollards represent a real touristic attraction! Carved out of wood and depicting various historical and everyday people, Geelong’s iconic wooden bollards might be the most interesting marine bollards you will ever encounter. While wood is a perfect material for bollards to easily shape them to one’s wishes, there is a dilemma that comes with it. And Greater Geelong is now facing this dilemma: their wooden bollards are slowly rotting away!

wooden Geelong bollards carved out of wood

Creative bollard carved out of wood in Geelong with detailed painting


However, don’t let them fool you. The wooden Geelong bollards don’t have only an esthetical role. They also serve as pedestrian bollards and bike bollards guiding visitors along the walking and cycling tracks. Taking bollard pictures is one of the most popular activities in this seaside city!

But these wooden Geelong bollards are not as weather and water resistant as our stainless steel bollards. A number of them already feature advanced timber rot and will soon require replacement. A number of signature bollards depicting lifesavers at Western Beach and the former Prime Minister John Howard are among the structures that have been identified as needing urgent improvement works.

Wooden Geelong Bollards MAINTENANCE

The City Hall has already begun drawing up a contract for the vital maintenance of the timber art pieces, which are a key attraction on the city’s foreshore.

The estimated costs have not been disclosed yet but the word is that the individual bollard cost is pretty high. Worth mentioning: There are more than 100 bollards in total!

Iconic wooden bollards at the water in Geelong

Four decorative wooden bollards resembling lifesavers


Geelong’s mayor sadly admitted that timber rot affects the bollards made out of pylons from the old piers.

The Geelong Council takes great care to ensure protection and preservation of artist Jan Mitchell’s original artwork. The local authorities are working closely with the artist undertaking the replacement work. That way they ensure that the new bollards perfectly fit the required bollard specifications.

Wooden bollards in Geelong

Iconic wooden bollards at the Geelong western beach


As attractive as these landscape bollards are, they will always require maintenance. That is why at Sino Concept we invest in meeting the highest quality requirements in the manufacturing of stainless steel bollards. Our bollards are maintenance free and would give you no headache!

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Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.
Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturer located in China specialized in traffic safety supply, site furnishings, and portable barriers.

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