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introducing Qingdao

The view over the Qingdao bay with its skyline.


Qingdao's strategic location and large port make it the ideal location for our main office and urban furniture factories. Let us tell you a bit more about our home ...

Qingdao is a city in Shandong Province, on the North-East coast of China

In 2010, it was home to 8.7 million inhabitants, putting it in the top 15 most populous cities in China.

So why have we chosen Qingdao to be our home?

1. its strategic geographical location

Qingdao is situated between Bejing and Shanghai.

Shandong Province is home to the most specialized steel and rubber manufacturing technology in China. As these are our two main areas of production, it makes perfect sense for us to set up our factories here.

Qingdao is located right on the tip of Shandong province, giving it complete access to the world via its commercial port and international airport. It is also almost exactly halfway between Beijing and Shanghai meaning that it only takes about 1 hour to reach these two cities by air.


2. its large and efficient port

Qingdao harbor one of the busiest ports in the world.
The port of Qingdao is the world's 7th busiest port, the largest oil port in China and the largest port for iron ore in the world.

A new 5 year plan and an investment of $4.5 billion, will see Qingdao’s port grow to double it’s current capacity in coming years. Its capacity is expected to jump to over 600 million tonnes once development has finished. The port is a major hub and operates over 90 international sea connections to 450 ports in over 130 countries.

In 2009, Qingdao became one of the most important cities in China for international trade, handling nearly 10 million containers during this time.

 Our products are shipped in containers to any destination.


On top of this, In 2011, Qingdao was named the French Chamber of Commerce's "City of the Future" providing great incentives for a French-owned company. 

For more information about our company, our manufacturing facilities or the services we provide, please visit our Information Pages.


why does qingdao sound so familiar?

advertisement for qingdao beer

As well as being a convenient location for manufacturing and shipping, Qingdao is also famous for being the home of China's famous Tsingtao (Qingdao) Beer.

Tsingtao is one of China's largest breweries and, employing more than 27,000 people, it is one of the 10 largest companies in China .

The beer is held in such high regard, that many restaurants here offer Qingdao beer before the food!


The sunset over Qingdao's skyscrapers.

All of the above factors come together to make Qingdao the best choice for Sino Concept, and the best choice for our clients.

Our great location only adds to the reasons to choose us to help you serve your traffic and crowd safety needs.



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