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Dirt Bike Stand


Dirt Bike StandGreat for use at the track, trail, shop or garage. Our dirt bike stand allows for easy maintenance of your motocross or dirt bike in any situation.

With a maximum load capacity of 350lb, our unique, zinc plated steel design is capable of lifting the heaviest of dirt bikes, moto- x bikes and other 2 wheeled ATV's, while making essential repairs or during regular maintenance.

Sino Concept specializes in manufacturing bespoke, custom made steel products. Contact us now for more information.

- Heavy-duty steel construction.
- Convenient, built in parts/ tool tray.
- Lightweight design for easy transportation.
- Foot pedal with plastic hand grip for easy lifting.
- Removable handle for easy storage.
- Automatically locks into position.
- Lifts bikes from 30 to 40 cm (11.81 to 15.75 in).

Dirt bike stand image gallery:

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