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Round Plastic Folding Table


Round plastic folding tableRound Folding Table


We have the most durable and user-friendly round folding tables available on the market today.

Perfect for commercial uses as well as for use at festivals, outdoor events, at constructions sites, in cafeterias and even at home in the back garden.

Each of our folding table design feature strong, durable, powder coated steel frames with automatic locking legs to prevent collapse while in use.

Round plastic folding tableDESCRIPTION:
- Injection-molded high density polyethylene
50mm (1.97 in).
- Reinforced steel frame for greater strength.
- Durable and lightweight folding design for
easy storage and set-up.
- Auto-locking mechanism (legs ‘lock’ into
position while stored or in use).

- Frame: grey powder coating.

Round folding table image gallery:

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