Speed cushion Europe

Sino Concept's speed cushions Europe are manufactured according to European safety standards for optimal security!

However, it does not include Great Britain and Belgium products, that you can respectively discover in our speed cushions UK and speed cushions Belgium pages.

Our European rubber speed cushions are highly visible in any weather conditions thanks to reflective arrows. For more security and to avoid vehicle skids, this model is made with an anti-slip surface.

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ProductSpeed cushion Europe
  • 4 parts: 2000 mm (6.56ft.)
  • 6 parts: 3000 mm (9.84 ft.)
Width1800 mm (5.90 ft.)
Thickness65 mm (0.21 ft.)
Packing Every cushion is sent in its own wooden box including all necessary installation accessories. 
  • Manufactured of durable vulcanized rubber.
  • Anti-slide surface for increased security.
  • 3 x 1,6-meter model (4 pieces: 2 right angles, 2 left angles).
  • High visibility thanks to the retro-reflective films.
Speed cushion Europe – 4 parts

Length: 2000 mm (6.56 ft.)
Width: 1800 mm (5.90 ft.)
Thickness: 65 mm (2.56 ft.)

Speed cushion Europe – 6 parts

Length: 3000mm (9.84 ft.)
Width: 1800 mm (5.90 ft.)
Thickness: 65 mm (2.56 ft.)

  • Available in red or black.
  • Every cushion is sent in its own wooden box including all necessary installation accessories.

Our speed cushions Europe are a great solution for public areas. Feel free to contact us for more information!

Speed cushion with red rubber and white reflective film Red speed cushion Europe with anti-slip surface and reflective stripes European speed cushion to be used as traffic calming device Red speed cushion made of heavy-duty vulcanized rubber European black speed cushion to be used for traffic calming Rubber speed cushion with recycled vulcanized rubber basis Speed cushion Europe delivery includes installation accessories Speed cushion Europe secured delivery packing Rubber speed cushion packed up in a wooden crate for secured transportation Rubber speed cushion outdoor made of heavy-duty vulcanized rubber

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