‘Bow’ Style Bike Parking Bollard


Bow Style Bike Parking Bollard'Bow' Style Bike Parking Bollard


Bike parking bollards boast the same demarcation and anti-ram qualities as our long lasting steel bollards but with the added convenience of bicycle security arms.

The 'bow' type design of this bike parking bollard provides the same dual sided bicycle parking solution as our other bike parking bollards only in a more compact design.

Bicycle parking bollards are perfect for use with other bollards or individually in all manner of landscapes

Bow Style Bike Parking BollardDescription:
- Convenient and attractive bollard design.
- Deters vehicles while allowing secure bike parking.
- Anchors in to the ground for added security.
- Offers bike parking from both sides.
- Perfect for use in any landscape.

- Bollard: Ø 76mm x 3mm (3.93 x 0.11 inch)
- Height: 1200mm (3.9 foot)
- Hoop/arm width: 468mm (1.53 foot).

- Choice of bollard tops available.
- Choice of hoop/arm designs available.
- Powder coated in the RAL or Pantone of your choice.

Profile 3 Bike Parking Bollard Gallery:

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