Reflective Tape


Reflective Tape


Identify hazardous areas to prevent accidents with our easy to use reflective tape.

Recommended for general indoor/ outdoor use, our safety tape is made of non-adhesive polyethylene material.

Printed on both sides to increase visibility and available in standard red/ white and yellow/ black combinations or customizable to your needs. Contact us via our contact form for full details.

- Double-sided reflective tape.
- Manufactured from high resistance polyethylene.
- Red/white or yellow/black diagonal stripes.
- Quick and easy to install for better warning visibility.

- Available in 2 lengths: 100, 500m (109.36, 546.81 yd).
- Contact us for alternative sizes.

- Custom printing available with company name or logo.
- Color combinations: red/white or black/yellow
- Various lengths and widths available.

Reflective Tape image gallery:

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