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One-Way Butterfly Guardrail Reflector


One-way Butterfly Guardrail ReflectorOne-Way Butterfly Guardrail Reflector


Our one-way butterfly guardrail reflector features a trapezoid shape and fits perfectly inside commonly used “W-Beam” steel guardrails.

Designed to be bolted to highway barriers, our trapezoid reflectors are manufactured from galvanized steel, with impact resistant prismatic lenses.

Sino Concept are a manufacturing specialist of road reflectors. Contact us now via our contact form for more details.

One-way Butterfly Guardrail ReflectorDESCRIPTION:
- Hot dip galvanized guardrail reflector.
- Features an L-shape, one-way design.
- Highly reflective PMMA lens.
- Excellent color fastness and long-lasting reflection.
- Requires bolt-on installation.
- Significantly increases guardrail visibility.

- Yellow, orange, white.

- Trapezoidal Guardrail Reflector Lens available on
its own on demand (L. 50 x W. 70 x H. 120 mm).

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