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What is E-Coating ?

What is E coating  What is E Coating ?

Despite having been proven and is well documented to as a high quality and durable treatment for steel, the E-coating process is still relatively unknown.


Step 1:

E coating surface treatment Step 11 What is E Coating ?

E-coating is a technique which is used in the manufacturing industry to protect steel from rust and dramatically reduce the chances of corrosion.




Step 2:

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This technique involves immersing the part in a bath of water-soluble paint while being connected to an electrical power source set at certain voltage.



Step 3:

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During this immersion the suspended paint particles are attracted to the item and are deposited uniformly across the body producing a smooth, durable, protective finish.

E-coating makes it possible to obtain a high level of protection against corrosion and is largely an automated process.



Why do we use E-coating?

The many benefits of E coating surface treatment1 What is E Coating ?

Many industries have made use of E-coating since the 1970′s to add a level of corrosion protection to metal parts.

One of the main industries which make use of the benefits of E-coating is the automotive industry which use this process to add a protective, corrosion resistant base layer to metal bodies before final painting.

To create an extremely durable and corrosion resistant finish we recommend using a powder-coated finish applied on top of the an E-coated base. As well as the car industry, E-coating is used for domestic appliances and also urban street furniture.


  • Perfect coverage and tough coating on all areas including corners and edges which are normally susceptible to chipping and flaking.
  • Better coverage which and less chance of defects.
  • Protects both the outer and inner edges of the products.
  • Resistance to salt water spray
  • Can be applied to all metals.

Sino Concept uses the same E-coating process as the automobile industry. Just take a look at how well modern cars resist rust and corrosion to see the effectiveness of E-coating.



E-coating or galvanizing?

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So why should you choose E-coating over the more traditional option of hot-dip galvanizing? E-coating offers many advantages over hot dip galvanizing including.

E-coating is cheaper and more cost effective than hot dip galvanizing and offers a smoother finish with less chance of defects. What’s more E-coating offers an uniform coating with an equal layer across the length of a product, where as hot-dip galvanizing may have varying thicknesses.

Not only is an E-coated product as durable as a hot-dip galvanized one but with an attractive powder coated finish will offer more protection and could still cost far less!


E-coating process diagram

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