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What is Powder coating?

what is power coating definition sino concept What is Powder coating?

Powder coating is a process in which a metal product or component is coated in powder paint then heated in an oven to create a seamless protective coating.

At Sino Concept, the powder coating process takes place in our purpose built powder coating facility and is only applied once each product is fully machined, welded and thoroughly cleaned and prepared.


The powder coating process:

The process of powder coating generally involves three separate stages, which are basically cleaning, coating and curing:



1. Surface preparation / Pre-treatment

step 1 power coating surface preparation pre treatment What is Powder coating?

This step is critical because oil, soil, lubrication greases, metal oxides, welding scales etc. will inhibit a lasting, quality powder coated finish…

The surface preparation involves different cleaning processes that consists of degreasing and cleaning the part before the final phosphating.

When the pieces are cleaned and prepared, we can begin the powder coating process!



2. Powder application process

step 2 power coating powder application process What is Powder coating?

We apply powder coating to our steel products with an electrostatic spray gun to a thickness of roughly 100 microns.

The excess or over-spray powder can be collected and reused cutting down on waste.

The powder will remain attached to the part as long as some of the electrostatic charge remains on the powder. This is now the time to get the final solid coating by placing the parts into the oven…



3. Curing and final inspection

step 3 power coating curing and final inspection What is Powder coating?

Once the powder is applied, the product is placed into an oven and heated to the correct temperature at the correct length of time (this mainly depends on the dimensions of the product).

The aim of this step is to flow and melt the powder in order to create the final film that will protect the product.

After this final step, Sino Concept team will perform a last quality control! Each product is thoroughly checked for quality and individually packed in protective bubble wrap plastic wrapping.




Powder coating process diagram

Powder coating What is Powder coating?

Here you can find a basic diagram showing you all the different powder coating steps. Sino Concept commits to respect all those steps in order to insure maximal adhesion and defect avoidance…




✔ The many benefits of powder coating

the many benefits of power coating definition What is Powder coating?

There are many advantages of powder coating so we tried to make a small sum-up bellow:

  • The powder coating has very good mechanical and chemical performance. It can resists to very high temperature, UV, acids, solvents…
  • The one-coat application process creates a thicker coating than conventional liquid paint.
  • A Bright smooth and equal finish without paint runs.
  • A large choice of colors, effects, or textures is available and allows accomplishing effects that would be impossible with other paints.
  • The powder coating is environmentally friendly because it emits zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) and excess or over-spray powder can be collected and reused cutting down on waste.

the many benefits of coating powder graphic infography definition What is Powder coating?




Sino Concept powder coating video

The best way to illustrate the whole process is for sure a video! The bellow video had been taken during a production of bollards in our factory:


You can see the application of DUPONT Powder coating, RAL 6005. The products have received an E-coating treatment that you can discover by clicking here.


With our many years of experience in Powder Coating, we are able to manufacture the product you need, to the specifications you require. To see some examples of our powder coated products please visit our street furniture product pages here.


smallwhite What is Powder coating?

smallwhite What is Powder coating?


smallwhite What is Powder coating?