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    From street furniture to traffic safety products: At Sino Concept, we manufacture high quality products made from steel, rubber and plastic!

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    As professionals, we adapt to your needs, not the contrary! Our range is constantly renewed to match the specifics of our market. We also make bespoke products.

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    Sino Concept assists you throughout every step of your project. From the designing to the manufacturing process to delivery, you're never left on your own.

Discover our product range Sino Concept

Site Furnishings

We manufacture products made from steel, cast iron, stainless steel and wood. Discover our site furniture product range and get the best price on the market.


Traffic Safety supply

We feature a wide range of products made from vulcanized rubber, plastic, PVC and steel. See our range of traffic safety products and their benefits.


Portable Barriers

We offer great crowd barriers, construction site barricades and expandable barriers. Discover our various safety barriers and their multiple uses.


Custom Manufacturing

We specialize in custom manufacturing. Here are some examples of bespoke products specially developed for some customers.

custom manufacturing
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  • Our cable ramps, also called rubber cable guards, are one of the best solutions to keep wires safe from heavy vehicles and pedestrians.This design is more specifically a channel cable protector, used to cover 2, 3 or 5 cables according to your needs.We at Sino Concept combine all our resources to produce high-quality rubber cable ramps.Our products are...

  • Sino Concept's rubber speed humps and traffic humps are produced in the following width: 600 and 900 mm (1.97 and 2.95 ft). Thanks to their parabolic shape, they slow down vehicles to 25/30mph.Our rubber road humps come with highly reflective stripes, for maximum visibility. Their quality and usefulness make them one of the most popular traffic calming...

  • Sino Concept’s rubber cable protectors are made of highly visible yellow rubber. With their black base, rubber cable ramps are a resistant bridge to protect cables.They are designed with 3 channels to cover different cable sizes:1 channel of 42 mm diameter. 2 smaller channels of 20 mm diameter.Those safety cable covers are flexible, but also...

Sino Concept: Worldwide supplier to hire

Whether you are located in the USA, Australia, UK or Middle East, you will find our bollards, bike racks or our other street furniture products.

Choose the dimensions or specifications you want and we’ll take care of the rest. We have a wide range of urban furniture designs to choose from and we manufacture bespoke site furnishings such as our hoop barriers and pedestrian guardrails.

You want to change the landscape of your city? Think environmental and choose our street furnishings! Discover our tree guards, park benches or litter bins today! We can provide you with the finish you want such as hot dip galvanization, e-coat, zinc plating and powder coating!

In addition to our range of outdoor street furniture, we have also designed several models of election signs and display boards! Buy Sino Concept, the best value for your money!

Traffic safety products: Safety for sale!

From traffic calming solutions (like our speed cushions, speed bumps or humps) to traffic management products (such as our traffic cones, delineator posts and barricades), we have everything you could need when it comes to road safety.

If you were looking for some products to furnish your parking structure, we offer you a wide range of wheel stops and rubber corner guards. Feel free to contact us and also ask about our parking barriers available in our street furniture category!

As safety is our main concern, we have developed a range of safety barriers, such as our expandable barriers and our range of crowd control barriers. These solutions are perfect for protecting pedestrians and workers in construction areas and can also be used during events together with our innovative cable protectors!