Bollards used as security and parking equipment or decorative street furnitureBollards are everywhere! For that reason, we at Sino Concept decided to develop various bollards for sale in our range of site furnishings:

  • Security bollards: Used as protective bollards, they are set up in front of airports, banks, malls, etc. to protect people and buildings from accidental or intentional crashes. They are also called safety bollards.
  • Decorative bollards: Street bollards also have an aesthetical function to fit in the urban landscape. They are installed near pedestrian zones, touristic areas or monuments.
  • Parking lot posts: Permanently or for a short term, fixed bollards or removable steel bollards can restrict access from an area or regulate the traffic.

With more than 70,000 bollards manufactured per year, Sino Concept has established itself as a reliable and prominent bollard supplier on the market. 


  • As a security bollards supplier, Sino Concept manufactures safety bollards, also called heavy duty bollards. Those yellow bollards are safety security measures perfectly suited for warehouses or factories where pallets and other heavy materials are always carted back and forth.Our bollard posts will last for years under any weather conditions and will...

  • Stainless steel bollards, also known as “SS bollards”, are popular for their stylish and shiny finishes. As a stainless steel bollards supplier, Sino Concept sells its bollards all around the world like Dubai, Brisbane, Perth, or New York.We often see stainless bollards along high streets or outside stores to protect properties from vandalism and vehicle...

  • Our anti-ram bollards are a strong security solution from our range of bollards. The risk of accidental damage or vehicle attack is real and a serious threat. When filled with concrete, protection posts and ram bollards provide excellent protection from vehicular collisions.Anti-ram raid bollards can do more than just stop vehicles: our fixed bollards can...

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Bollards are used to create a protective or aesthetic perimeter around a building or an area. It allows controlling pedestrians and vehicle circulation efficiently.

They can be used as car park posts, street bollards, lockable removable bollards and many else.

About bollard specifications, we can manufacture our products with several materials and offer you stainless bollards, galvanized steel bollards, iron bollards or anything else according to your needs.


To select the bollard you need, you have to ask yourself some questions about the purposes of your pipe bollards.

Security bollards

 Two black and yellow safety bollards.

  • Safety bollards: Manufactured with high resistant thick steel, they offer a serious and permanent protective measure from almost any kind of vehicles.

  Two kind of anti ram security bollards.

  • Anti-ram security bollards: Installed in strategic positions, they can reduce traffic accidents, protect pedestrians, limit access and prevent criminal activity. Put them near crosswalks to avoid vehicle access or in front of banks and jewelry, storefronts to prevent robberies.

Range of white parking bollards with red reflective stripes.

  • Parking bollards: They are used to prevent vehicles from entering restricted zones and being parked in areas they should not. Car parking security posts are a great solution for any parking lots where sidewalks and entrances are not well-protected, and pedestrians are in proximity to vehicles and traffic.

Removable bollards

Removable and lockable bollards.
  • Lockable removable bollards: Then can restrict access while allowing areas for emergency or maintenance vehicles that may need to reach these zones.

Street and protective bollards

Stainless steel bollard.
  • Stainless steel bollardsTheir good finishes and highly sturdy stainless steel will last decades without rusting. A perfect mix of elegance and resistance for an ideal complement to your building architecture, with different steel grades:
    - 316-grade stainless steel (also known as a marine grade) is used primarily for its active resistance to corrosion.
    - 304 stainless steel is the most commonly used austenitic steel.
    You can also find this surface treatment as an option for our hooped perimeter barriers.

 Range of decorative bollards, range of decorative bollards.

  • Decorative bollards: These steel bollards protect pedestrians, buildings, and streets while embellishing the surrounding area. Aesthetical and protective are also the key features of our metal tree guards.


To offer you a broad and complete range of products, we at Sino Concept propose different options:

Yellow base of security bollards.
  • Base/no Base: You can choose between bolt down bollards or bollards to be embedded, depending on the sturdiness you need.
Decorative bollard with disability compliance white top.
  • White top: Compliant with disabled legislations, our white top option is perfect for your bollard caps. It ensures higher visibility and security for people with disabilities: the color contrast allows short-sighted pedestrians to perceive those decorative bollards more clearly.
System of removable bollard.
  • Removable system: Convenient if you need to turn a fixed bollard into a removable bollard. It will allow you to secure places which need to be controlled, but not entirely restricted.
Bollard post.
  • Chains: They have a functional but also decorative purpose. Chain bollards are used to delimit areas by increasing bollard spacing and directing pedestrian or vehicle traffic from restricted zones. We can include weld eyed-links to any bollards in order to add chains.
RAL color selector.
  • Colors: You just need to give us the RAL or Pantone code reference, and we will powder coat any color you want!
White parking bollard with reflectives stripes.
  • Reflective stripes: To enhance the visibility day and night, we can stick reflective stripes with different intensity tapes on. We can apply engineering or high-intensity grade stripes.


  • E-coating: Also called electro-coating or electro-painting, it is a technique used in the manufacturing industry to protect steel from corrosion. E-coating gives a smooth, even and long-lasting finish to any metal products.
  • Hot dip galvanizing: This technique is the most efficient anti-rust treatment for steel bollards. Ideal to use near the sea or ocean areas. Galvanized bollards will last for decades without any maintenance. You also use this surface treatment for our floor bike racks.
  • Powder coating: At Sino Concept we use DuPont powder to prevent bollards from chipping, cracking and scratches. Our powder coating finish is resistant to temperature differences and UV rays.
  • Welding: We weld all our steel bollards for a maximum resistance and a better finishing.
  • Belt sanded: To add a great finish to our products, we polish and remove imperfections with a belt sanding machine.


  • Best price: All of our metal bollards are produced in our factories to minimize costs while maintaining superior quality standards and using premium quality materials.
  • Resistance: Thanks to the steel we use and thanks to our know-how in manufacturing processes such as metal welding or precision machining, we can ensure highly durable products.
  • Quality control: Our quality control inspectors check every stage of the production. We guarantee that our products respect quality standards.
  • Design: At Sino Concept, we can customize any bollard details or bollard dimensions according to your individual request.
  • Packing: To avoid damages during transport, we use wooden crates and steel to wrap our metal bollards.

If you want to know more about site furnishings and bollards, do not hesitate to contact us!