Hoop barriers 

Hoop barriers made of sturdy steel with different sizes, dimensions and colors

Hoop barriers are a very important piece of site furnishings with a variety of diameters, lengths, heights and angles. Mainly used as parking lots, shop fronts or trolley bays, galvanized steel hoop barriers are an efficient way to protect retail units and urban open spaces.

As an experienced hoop barrier manufacturer, Sino Concept offers many different designs. Discover our broad ranges of hoop barriers for sale, made of wide-gauge steel tubing and galvanized for complete resistance.

  • Our hooped perimeter barriers can withstand the harshest treatment and remain standing thanks to their sturdy steel construction and durable powder coating. With a simple but efficient design and with corrosion-proof finishes, those steel hoop barriers are extremely durable and convenient to secure perimeters such as sidewalks, playground areas and...

  • Our hot dipped galvanized U-shaped pipe bollards are highly useful, like all our site furnishings products. Use U-shape bollards to protect fire hydrants, trees and other outdoor equipment. And because we manufacturer U-shaped pipe guards in our own factories, we can provide U-shape bollards in any color you would need.Install Sino Concept U-shaped pipe...

  • Our lamp post protectors keep posts, street lamps and trees safe from accidental damage. Put it around vulnerable structures near parking lots and other high-traffic areas to provide extra protection.Our lamp post protections, also called column protection barriers, need to be embedded directly into concrete. But if you need different fixation, we can...

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Hoop perimeter barriers:

Hot dip galvanized security barrier small height
  • Small model: This design is often used for car parks, car showrooms or simply for unwanted vehicle access. We offer three different lengths to fulfill all your requirements.

Hot dip galvanized security hoop barrier big height
  • Large model: This model is mainly used on the sidewalk to protect pedestrians, in shop front and sometimes as a trolley bay. We have also for this design three lengths available and several options, like an additional tube in the middle to reinforce the structure.
U-shape pipe guard

U-shape pipe bollards:

This hoop barrier can be used for sensitive equipment, such as fire hydrants, fuel dispensers or even to protect trees.

Galvanized lamp post protector defending a column

Lamp post protectors:

They are an efficient way to avoid columns or street lights to be damaged by cars in parking areas. These column protectors are often used for lamps or even trees.


Hoop barriers installed in front of a car shop

Hoop barriers are pieces of site furnishings. The wide-arched surface mounted barrier is perfect to guarantee protection in parking lots, car dealerships and car parks. If you need a temporary solution, please check out our removable bollards.

security hoop barrier with a crossbar protecting shopping cartsGalvanized steel hoop barriers protect pedestrians, but they can also prevent damages to your vehicle from shopping carts. Some supermarkets use it to fence off areas where trolleys can be left after customers have finished using them.

Two red security hoop barriers protecting a fire hydrant

U-shaped pipe bollards are mainly used to protect street furniture products such as street lights, fire hydrants, etc.


  • In-house manufacturing: Our hoop barriers, like all of our street furniture range, are manufactured entirely in-house in our factories in China. They are made of high-quality steel tubes and are hot dip galvanized after fabrication. This makes them resistant to corrosion, weather or anything else that might damage lower-quality barriers.
  • High-class finishing: To keep our product looking fresh for years to come, we have perfected highly durable and attractive finishing techniques. It ensures sturdy products which will last for years without any needs of maintenance.
  • Customized: We offer our hoop barriers with any Pantone or RAL powder coating color. Our items will protect restricted areas while perfectly matching any urban landscape.
  • Fair prices: Manufacturing in China and selling directly to the customer has clear benefits. This is why we can offer very attractive prices for superior quality street furniture products.

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