Outdoor bike racks 

Outdoor bike racks and bicycle parking racks for bikes protection and storage

Sino Concept’s outdoor bike racks will help you to be prepared for the growing bicycle culture. To adapt to this increasing demand, cities and companies need cycling accessories like bicycle parking racks. As a manufacturer, we offer a broad range of stylish bike parking and custom bike racks to accommodate the needs of a modern cyclist society.

Our parking racks are manufactured to keep your bike safe from thieves when locked. They also prevent bicycles from damaging other kinds of street furniture that cyclists commonly use to lock their bikes to instead of proper bike floor racks, like hoop barriers.

Do you have a particular project in mind? We specialize in custom design specifications and would be happy to produce your individual bike floor stands.

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Sino Concept's bike stand range.
Provides high security and appropriates for many different usages. Can be installed in series on rails to create a free-standing parking area in variable quantities. Available in many variations.
Sino Concept's floor mounted bike rack rangeHighly useful for temporarily attended bike storage. But only secure one the wheels – not the frame. For that reason, they are more adapted for private areas.


Due to the large and sometimes confusing range of outdoor bike racks, our qualified team can help you out with a guide. In the following are all the information listed you need, in order to choose the right product:

  • Location: Bike parking should be visible and close (50’ or 15 m) to the entrance it serves. Additionally, it should be weather-protected and located in a lighted area to ensure day and night use during the whole year.
  • Security: It is important to make sure that bike floor racks are sturdy and well-anchored. This way, they will be truly efficient against bicycle theft or deterioration.
  • Installation of floor bike stands:
    • Concrete is the best and least expensive surface material for a variety of rack types and installation methods. Both in-ground and surface mounted work well on concrete and can be installed very easy.
    • Freestanding parking racks are recommended for other hard surfaces such as asphalt, pavers or tile. They may or may not be suitable for a surface-mounted option. Factors affecting the suitability of these materials include the thickness of the surface material, the make-up of the below-grade material and the climate.
    • For organic and loose materials such as dirt and grass, you will need bicycle parking racks with a freestanding option, or you may adapt concrete footings to anchor the bike rack system down.


  • Supports bike upright without putting stress on wheels: The outdoor bike racks should provide two points of contact with the frame – at least 6” apart horizontally. But if it cradles a bicycle’s wheel, it should also secure the frame at one point or more. The rack’s high point should be at least 32”.
  • Allows locking of frame and at least, one wheel with a U-lock: A closed loop should allow a single U-lock to capture one wheel and a closed section of the bike frame. Tubes with a cross-section larger than 2” can complicate the use of smaller U-locks.
  • Provides security and longevity features appropriate for the intended location: Steel and stainless steel are common and appropriate materials for most general floor bike stands. Use tamper-resistant mounting hardware in vulnerable locations. Outdoor bike racks finishing must be appropriate to the location.
  • Bike racks use is intuitive: First-time users should recognize the location as bicycle parking rack and should be able to use it as intended without the need for written instructions.


Cities, neighborhoods, and even individual streets have their own style and identity. We aim to provide bike parking that perfectly suits each area.

We have a wide range of outdoor bike racks and only just a few of them are shown on our website. Feel free to ask for custom bike racks design and we will provide you with the site furniture product you need! Whatever you require about dimensions, designs, materials or surface treatments, we will be pleased to create your personalized project while respecting your budget and quality requirements.


Today, bicycle parking racks can be seen everywhere: near the subway, parking lots, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, etc. Obviously, they have become an essential device to cyclists in all places!

Indeed, as bicycles have become more convenient for cities’ uses, Sino Concept’s parking racks have met the demands of cyclists and will protect your bikes from loss and theft.

And because of their strong and sturdy construction, our bike parking is perfect for keeping both children’s and adult’s bicycles tidy and upright while taking up a minimum amount of space!

Complete the urban landscape in your town and supplement outdoor bike racks with our hot-dip galvanized hooped perimeter barriers!