Parking Bollards 

Parking bollards protection pedestrian and parking areas from vehicles’ shocks

Sino Concept’s parking bollards are used to prevent vehicles from entering restricted zones or being parked in areas they should not. Also called parking posts, they can be used on sidewalks as well, to protect pedestrians from vehicles and traffic. Another common usage of car park bollards is the protection of playgrounds, parklands or loading areas.

As a car park bollards supplier, we at Sino Concept can customize every design you may need. Would you like to discover other products to protect pedestrians? Please check out our pedestrian guardrails.

  • Thanks to their square tubes, our parking lot posts and car parking posts can delimitate corners properly in car park areas while protecting people or machine from impacts. Our parking security posts can also protect walls from damages.

  • With its round shape, those parking lot bollards are perfect to be installed in restricted areas and protect pedestrians from car shocks. Also called car security bollards, you can use private space bollards to protect walls from shocks as well.Our energetic team is here to help our customers quickly and efficiently!

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  • Powder coating: Our powder coating finish prevents parking security bollards from chipping, cracking and scratches. It also makes them resistant to temperature variations and UV rays.
  • Hot dip galvanization: Each car bollard security is hot-dip galvanized to ensure that it will not succumb to rust and other types of corrosion
  • High visibility: Parking posts with white powder coating and red reflective stripes are eye-catching and striking. It guarantees high visibility in every weather conditions, day and night.
  • Installation: Our car park post bollards can be permanently attached to the ground to make them more stable and resistant. The surface mounted option is also available and can also guarantee a maximum security for pedestrians.


  • Economical: Our parking bollards for sale are great for your budget and your parking lot. We produce in our own factories and thus skip any extra price hikes that middlemen might charge. Call us for a quote today and see the Sino Concept difference.
  • Quality assured: As a parking bollard supplier, each stage of manufacturing like stamping, welding, grinding and galvanizing is carefully monitored in our factories to ensure that you obtain the best possible quality! Moreover, thanks to the high quality of the steel used in our manufacturing processes, our parking bollards are very resistant to impacts.
  • Custom built: Our designers are always open-minded towards any ideas you may have in mind, or to help with the parking post installation. Contact us now via our contact form!
  • Impeccable surface: Our production process is particularly rigorous to ensure our customers a smooth, clean and impeccable surface!

Parking bollards are part of our wide range of parking equipment. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our parking lot posts.