Decorative bollards 

Decorative bollards made of heavy duty steel and metal for street furniture

We offer decorative bollards and anti-parking posts which are designed to be both great looking and truly functional.

Sino Concept's steel bollards are meant to be used around pedestrian walkways, touristic zones, and parking, to protect pedestrian zones.

Use metal bollards as street equipment to embellish and protect your streets! Sino Concept manufactures decorative street bollards for many years.

  • Thanks to their modern design, our ball top bollards are one of our best-sellers. To have a complete offer, our steel bollards are available in two different sizes.

  • Bowler bollards have a design reminding a bowler hat, what makes it at the same time an original and classical decorative bollard. This street furniture bollard can fit in every urban landscape.

  • The 3 grooves steel bollards add a simple but stylish design to any bollards which can be installed in every area. Sino Concept has become a reliable steel bollards manufacturer exporting all over the world.

  • Our single groove steel bollards are famous thanks to their decorative neck and their high-quality welding and finishing.

  • Cast iron bollards feature antique Victorian look which is appealing and suit for a variety of areas. As a cast iron bollards manufacturer, Sino Concept offers superior quality products.

  • Sino Concept’s semi-top bollards remain one of the best sellers of our street bollards range. This elegant shape makes it an ideal protective solution for any areas!

  • Our flat metal bollards are designed to be concreted directly into the ground, for a discrete and functional addition to any urban landscape. All Sino Concept's metal bollards can be powder coated in white on the top in order to reach ADA disability compliance.

  • Mitre top bollards have been designed to ensure that water and unwanted dirt cannot stay on top of the bollard.

  • Sino Concept introduces you his lightweight cast aluminum bollards. Their natural resistance to corrosion and shocks make them high-quality decorative bollards.

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  • Large variety of choices: In order to fit in every urban landscape, we developed a large and diversified range of architectural bollards. Paint your bollard with any RAL or Pantone color you want and add a white disability-friendly top in option. Discover below all our models of pedestrian bollards and anti-parking bollards!
  • Quality products: Our sidewalk bollards are made from high-quality steel with e-coating treatment or hot-dip galvanization in order to be rust-proof, weatherproof and sturdy enough to survive multiple vehicle impacts.
  • Classy: A beautifully cast and finished decorative bollard will definitely brings its beauty to a neighborhood, touristic areas or business district.
  • Attractive prices: Cut out the middle man with Sino Concept! As a bollard manufacturer, we produce in our own factories in China and ship directly to our customers.

You can also decorate pedestrian areas, schools or hazardous areas with our park benches.


Found below our different models of decorative bollards:

Grey decorative bollard with ball on the top.
  • Ball top bollards are commonly used in pedestrian areas thanks to it good looking shape. The ball head is made from ductile cast iron to increase the shock resistance
Black top street bowler bollard.
  • Bowler bollards are quite famous in UK because of its style top which reminds the famous British “bowler hat”.
Red single groove top decorative bollard.
  • Single groove top bollards are stamped with a decorative neck on the top, those are one of our most classical and popular bollards. You can also choose the 3 grooves bollard design.
Steel three grooves top bollard.
  • 3 grooves top bollards put a contemporary twist on a simple bollard design. The three-ring design looks sharp while still being functional and practical.
Grey street ornamental bollard.
  • Ornamental bollards feature a large cast iron head which gives a fancy and elegant look. Our architectural bollards match both contemporary and antiquated surrounding styles.
Black steel cast bollard.
  • Cast aluminum bollards are one of our highest quality bollards, they are completely corrosion resistant and lightweight compared to cast iron and their ornate design makes them appealing and very elegant.
Grey disability compliance bollard with white top.
  • Flat top bollards have a styled smooth top and will blend into any landscapes.
Grey semi dome top decorative bollard.
  • Semi dome top bollards avoid the rain to stagnate and make it flow naturally to the ground in order to not rust.
Grey mitre street top bollard.
  • Mitre top bollards give a sleek appearance while expert welding and finishing techniques make it corrosion and weatherproof.

You did not find the decorative bollard or street furniture bollards you need? Do not hesitate to submit us your own design. As a bollard company, we can customize or create any design you might need. And if you want to supplement you bollard range, feel free to check out our diamond pedestrian guard rails!