Traffic safety supply 

Traffic safety supply and traffic control equipment for maximum road safety

Sino Concept has developed a broad range of traffic safety supply and traffic control equipment made from high-quality rubber, plastic and steel.

Thanks to our know-how, we manufacture durable and resistant traffic safety equipment at factory prices.

Whether it is about parking lot equipment or road safety equipment, we can customize all safety accessories you may need according to your individual requests.


  • Our one-part rubber speed bumps are the most adaptable speed bumps you can find on the market: our team has developed a multifunctional product combining the advantages of traffic bumps and cable protectors!Matching American standard regulations (IFE, FHWA), this product is all you need as a traffic calming device.Make a smart choice, choose Sino...

  • Our rubber parking stops and parking blocks are a standard piece of parking safety equipment. Sino Concept’s wheel stops are also known as car park stoppers.Because we only choose the best raw materials, we also produce rubber speed bumps with superior quality!There are different types and several sizes of rubber parking blocks: if you need any...

  • Our cable ramps, also called rubber cable guards, are one of the best solutions to keep wires safe from heavy vehicles and pedestrians.This design is more specifically a channel cable protector, used to cover 2, 3 or 5 cables according to your needs.We at Sino Concept combine all our resources to produce high-quality rubber cable ramps.Our products are...

  • Sino Concept’s speed cushions UK will perfectly match to the British standards, respecting National dimensions and high visibility with their reflective films.Small enough so that emergency vehicles can drive over them, our speed cushions are the best way though to slow down regular traffic.Our rubber speed cushions are extremely durable and will last for...

  • Rubber speed bumps are Sino Concept’s bestsellers. By manufacturing a large quantity of rubber road humps, we became an expert to create products combining quality, durability and efficiency. Make a smart choice by choosing our recycled rubber speed bumps to slow down the traffic on private roads.

  • The large drop over cable covers is the biggest model Sino Concept is manufacturing. Available with 1, 2 or 3 channels, this drop over cable protector can be set up in various areas and will resist heavy foot and wheel traffic. Moreover, the cable cover is proposed with an anti-slip surface to ensure the safety of both vehicle and people stepping over...

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  • Durable rubber and plastic: We use a mixture of pure and recycled materials to make robust and flexible traffic safety items such as our cable ramps and guards. Our rubber meets REACH standards after being approved by TÜV Rheinland. We can ensure you traffic safety products that will not crack, chip, stain or fade.
  • Resistant and reflective films: To guarantee visibility and durability, we add on most of our road safety products protective and reflective films. 
  • Customization: According to your requirements, we can customize all of our safety accessories. We offer different colors, printed logo, reflective films, etc.
  • Price: As traffic safety products supplier who manufactures in his own factories, we can guarantee you very attractive prices, while controlling each step of the production. 
  • Secure delivery: Our products are shipped with the packaging you request: from standard pallet to reinforced wooden crates, to guarantee safe transportation from our factory to your warehouse. You can also choose to use mixed load container to reduce transportation costs.


  • Injection molding: Also called plastic injection, it is an implementation process of the thermoplastic matter. Most of the thermoplastic items are produced by injection molding machines: the plastic material is first softened, then the matter obtained is injected into a mold and cooled.
  • Blow molding: This is a shaping process of molding thermoplastic polymer materials, like for example HDPE, LDPE or PVC. The process is used to make discontinuously hollow bodies, like our European road safety cones.
  • Rotational molding: It is also a shaping process of molding plastic materials. The plastic raw material, which has a powder or liquid form, is charged in a mold to reproduce the interior shape of it. Rotational molding is especially used to make hollow traffic safety products.


Red six parts european speed cushion.
  • Speed cushions and speed tables: Mostly used in UK, Australia, and Europe, they are traffic calming products reducing vehicles speed on public ways. Made from superior recycled rubber with optional reflective tapes.
Black and yellow american speed bump.
  • Speed bumps and humps: Used in car parks or private driveways, they slow drivers down. Our heavy-duty rubber speed bumps have sturdy interlocking pieces and reflective cat’s eyes to make them easily visible even at night.
Black cable protector with yellow lid.

  • Cable protectors: Installed to protect cables and wires from vehicles and pedestrians, in private areas or special events. Their innovative handles make them easy to set up and remove.

Black and yellow rubber speed bump.

  • Wheel stops and parking blocks: Designed to keep vehicles from driving through parking spots, we offer wheel stops dimensions to fit any parking areas. Easy to install and durable for years, our parking blocks are a parking lot equipment designed to increase security in your parking structure.

Rounded black and yellow rubber corner guard.

  • Corner guards: They are an efficient solution to protect walls, columns and vehicle as well. With parking lot safety equipment, you will assure that drivers will park safely.

Black lane separator with white reflective stripes.
  • Lane dividers: Our lane separators made from heavy-duty rubber are used to clear the separation between two roadways. They are mostly requested for bus and bike lanes.

Three rectangular guardrail reflectors.
  • Road reflectors: We produce a large variety of reflective road markings and road studs. Highly reflective plastic, glass and aluminum road studs are an efficient way to provide security on highways and roads.
Six hard hats (green, blue, red, orange, yellow and white colors)
  • Traffic safety equipment: Discover our whole range of traffic safety equipment and traffic safety supply to find the product you need: sandbags, reflective posts, windsocks, etc.

Sino Concept's traffic safety supply products are long-lasting, resistant and high-quality items. If you need further information on any of our products, feel free to contact us!