Speed cushions and Speed tables 

Rubber speed cushions and speed tables for traffic safety equipment

Sino Concept’s rubber speed cushions and speed tables are a good alternative to our speed bumps and humps: they are traffic calming products reducing vehicles speed in public areas.

While our speed breakers on roads force cars to reduce their speed, they have the advantage not to affect buses and emergency vehicles. Easy to install, this kind of traffic cushions can be positioned in strategic places such as in conurbations and urban areas.

If you also want to slow down vehicles on driveways, you should consider our rubber speed humps.

  • Sino Concept’s speed cushions UK will perfectly match to the British standards, respecting National dimensions and high visibility with their reflective films.Small enough so that emergency vehicles can drive over them, our speed cushions are the best way though to slow down regular traffic.Our rubber speed cushions are extremely durable and will last for...

  • Our speed cushions Belgium are now available! Manufactured in 4 or 6 pieces, our speed cushions can be easily and quickly installed.We produce rubber traffic cushions in two different colors, respecting Belgian regulations: red and white or black and white. The same colors are used for our European speed cushions.They are packed by two in wooden crates...

  • Sino Concept's speed cushions Europe are manufactured according to European safety standards for optimal security!However, it does not include Great Britain and Belgium products, that you can respectively discover in our speed cushions UK and speed cushions Belgium pages.Our European rubber speed cushions are highly visible in any weather conditions...

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Accessories to install rubber speed cushion.
  • Instant use: Easily fitted into concrete or asphalt, speed tables are immediately ready to be used. Remove them quickly for any road maintenance.
Black Bugatti car blocked on concrete speed bump.
  • Damage free: Some drivers complain that concrete or tarmac speed cushions damage their cars when they are driving over them. Thanks to Sino Concept’s traffic cushions made of flexible rubber, the vehicles will not get damaged.
Red speed cushion with white reflective stripes.
  • Increased Security: To avoid potential vehicular skids under rainy conditions, we use an anti-slip surface for our rubber speed cushions. We also add retro-reflective films for maximum day and night visibility under any weather conditions.


  • Available designs: Wherever you are from, our speed cushions will meet your National standards. We export to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, United-Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium and other European Union countries.
  • Eco-friendly: Sino Concept takes part in protecting the environment, that's why our rubber speed cushions are manufactured from recycled rubber to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Best price guarantee: Produced in our own factories, our speed cushions are available at attractive prices! Being manufacturer also makes us more reactive and flexible to your requests.
  • Quality packing: Sino Concept’s traffic cushions are designed in a modular design. Each wooden crate contains two sets for optimum protection. We also provide all installation accessories needed: lag screws, plastic anchors, washers, plastic caps and connectors.

If you need more than slowing down the traffic with our rubber speed cushions, you can also create clear demarcations with our flexible delineator posts.