Cable protectors 

Cable protectors, cable ramps and hose ramps as traffic protector equipment

Discover our cable protectors range! Made from high-quality rubber or polyethylene, our cable ramps and floor cable covers are the optimal solution to protect cables, cords and wires from pedestrians and vehicles. 

Especially needed for shows and events, our heavy-duty cable protectors are easy to install and offer high-resistance.

Most of our cable protection covers and hose ramps are equipped with interlocking systems, that you can also find for our rubber speed bumps.


  • Sino Concept’s hose ramps are the best way to protect hoses, cables and pipes from pedestrian traffic or drivers. They will provide security for your emergency areas, at very attractive prices!Withstanding up to 20000 lbs. (9071,85 kg) per axle, our cable and hose protectors are easy to install thanks to their male and female connections.Make the smart...

  • Easy to install and remove, our 1200 mm rubber cable ramp is the perfect tool to temporary protect your cables and wires against pedestrians or vehicles. Available in yellow or black, they are designed with 3 channels to cover different cable sizes:1 channel of 42 mm diameter in the middle. 2 smaller channels of 20 mm diameter on each side....

  • If you are looking for cable hiders and how to cover electrical wires, our floor cable management solution might be the perfect answer. The Sino Concept’s floor cord covers not only offer protection to your electronic gadgets from heavy pedestrian traffic but also eliminate slipping and tripping hazards. Easy to install and appropriate for any indoor...

  • Our cable ramps, also called rubber cable guards, are one of the best solutions to keep wires safe from heavy vehicles and pedestrians.This design is more specifically a channel cable protector, used to cover 2, 3 or 5 cables according to your needs.We at Sino Concept combine all our resources to produce high-quality rubber cable ramps.Our products are...

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We at Sino Concept offer you a broad range of cable protector ramps:

Cable ramp for events and shows

Cable ramp

It is the best solution to protect cables from heavy vehicles. This channel cable protector is available in 2, 3 or 5 channels.

Drop over cable protector made from polyethylene

Drop over cable protector

Made from polyethylene, our drop over cord cover is available either in a small model with one channel, either in a big model with one or two channels according to your needs.

Hose ramp withstanding emergency and heavy vehicles

Hose ramp

More precisely known as a fire hose ramp, this safety equipment is designed to resist emergency vehicles while protecting imposing pipes.

Rubber cable protector for indoor and outdoor environment

Rubber cable protector

Our cable protector is 100% made from high-quality rubber, with a black base and a yellow cover. It is mostly used as a pedestrian cable protector but can also withstand vehicles.

Floor cord cover for indoor environment to protect wires

Floor cord cover

This cable cover is perfectly adapted for any indoor environment. With a sober black design, it will protect efficiently cables and wires.


  • Events: In festivals, concerts, company events and much more. Our heavy-duty rubber cable protectors are used to protect lighting, sound and stage cables. 
  • Private spaces: In garages, homes, offices and industrial areas where cables run across walkways or pedestrian traffic areas. Using industrial cord covers and floor cord protectors will prevent both damages and tripping accidents. 
  • Emergency areas: Our rubber hose ramps and heavy-duty cable covers offer you the possibility to protect large cables and fire hoses when fast acting is required. To fulfill all your needs, they can withstand up to 20000 lbs. (9071,85 kg) per axle.


  • EfficiencyKeep your pedestrian areas clear from cable mess. Hide wires and pipes with efficiency and aesthetic, thanks to Sino Concept’s cable guard floors.
  • Easy to installWe integrated a handle on all our safety cord covers. This way, we can guarantee you an easy and fast handling.
  • SecurityUse our road cable covers to protect your electrical equipment but also pedestrians from slippery.
  • Double-useOf course, cars drive over cable protectors. And thanks to their raised surface, they can also slow down the traffic like our rubber speed humps.

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