Delineator posts 

PU and HDPE flexible delineator posts for traffic safety equipment

Discover our range of flexible delineator posts, also known as traffic delineators or flexible posts!

Create clear borders and lanes on your streets thanks to our and road delineators, manufactured from injected molded polyethylene or polyurethane.

If you need more than traffic delineators to divide roads and ensure safety, you might want to check our other road safety products, like our collapsible cones.

  • Our HDPE traffic delineator posts are designed to meet EU National Road Network requirements. Those models of delineator posts are installed to alert drivers for upcoming intersections and junctions. Made from a mix of polyethylene and EVA, it withstands shocks, UV lights and temperature differences. Their intense colors and their two reflective films...

  • Our PU flexible delineator posts made of polyurethane will not break from shocks: on the contrary, they will get back to their original shape.  We at Sino Concept choose to use polyurethane in order to produce very light and flexible traffic delineators. We also use high intensity reflective stripes for a maximal visibility.

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  • Visibility: Our flexible delineator posts provide excellent visibility to pedestrians and drivers! To increase visibility on highways, you can also add our glass road studs.
  • Weather resistance: Designed for maximum security and easy installation, our permanent or temporary road delineators feature highly reflective and weather-resistant collars.
  • Individual coloring: Manufactured from highly durable plastic, our flexible posts come in several colors depending on your requirements: in France, yellow HDPE delineator posts are used for temporary situations and white ones for permanent use. 
  • Increased safety: Installed along roads and driveways, our flexible plastic bollards create visual boundaries and prevent accidents thanks to their highly reflective films.
  • Custom-made products: If you can’t find the traffic safety items you’re looking for, just ask us about our unique custom manufacturing service. We at Sino Concept are always able to offer solutions!


For questions on pricing or more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We produce our road safety equipment in our own factories in Qingdao, China, and therefore can offer you the best quality at very attractive prices.

If you are interested in creating temporary road lanes, you may also be interested in supplementing our roadway delineator posts with other traffic safety products such as our HDPE traffic cones.

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