Traffic lane dividers 

Cycle traffic lane dividers and delineators for street separator equipment

Traffic lane dividers and lane separators are used on roadways to create clear separations between vehicle and bicycle lanes. To reduce accidents between cyclists and drivers, cities are attempting to make their streets "bike-friendly". Because of this, lane dividers are becoming a powerful feature in almost every major city in the world.
Specialized in traffic safety supply, Sino Concept only uses high-quality recycled rubber. This makes our lane delineators light, sturdy and easy to set up. Sino Concept offers you quality traffic lane separators and lane dividers at very attractive prices. Do not hesitate any longer!
If you need to create a simpler demarcation than using cycle lane delineators, feel free to check our flexible posts.

  • Our cycle lane delineators made of rubber have already been used across Europe and America for many years. Indeed, lane separators have been well-known to reduce accidents and injuries by half.Upgrade your road safety equipment: this way, you will increase the number of potential cyclists!

  • Very famous in Italy, Italian traffic lane separators are now spreading all over the world, thanks to their fashionable design and usefulness. They are made of sturdy and recycled vulcanized rubber.Make Sino Concept your road safety products’ supplier and choose our black and yellow lane separators, used to create clear road demarcations, cycle lanes,...

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Red lane divider with white reflective stripes.
  • Our rumble bars are most often used for bicycle lanes. They feature reflective stripes and cat’s eyes for an excellent day and night visibility. This cycle lane delineator is standardly available in red or black, but can also be manufactured in other colors.
Italian black and yellow lane separator.
  • This lane separator is a standard design for Italy. However, many European countries have started to use the same shape, particularly suitable for long roads.


  • Affordable: High-quality does not mean high prices. We guarantee traffic lane separators with best prices on the market, thanks to our in-house production.
  • High-quality: At Sino Concept, we are using the best materials to produce our traffic lane divider bumps and all our traffic safety products. We can guarantee our products will last for years.
  • Customization: We are always pleased to answer all of your requests. We can personalize and manufacture all kinds of lane separators according to your specifications.


  • Clearness: Our traffic lane separators are a lot more visible than a basic lane marking on the pavement. We increased the visibility by adding reflective strips and cat’s eyes. We also use cat’s eyes on our one-part rubber speed bumps.
  • Safety: Drivers will quickly notice they are overflowing the way when driving over the rumble bars. However, they will not damage their car thanks to the lane separators’ rounded shape.
  • Excellence: Made from recycled and virgin rubber, our product is both ecological and 100% resistant to climate hazards, oil, moisture and years of use on the road.
  • Easy to install: Our traffic lane dividers can be set up with lag screws much faster than any other lane delineators. By saving time, you will save money!
    First: Choose the right location on the bike lane and mark the place you want to drill the holes.
    Second: Drill the previously marked holes. 
    Third: With an air compressor, remove the dust from the ground. Put the lane divider bump in the targeted place and drive the spike into the drilled holes.
  • Convenience: Implementing our lane delineators on the road will protect bike riders by precluding cars to drive on cycle lanes.
  • Removable: Another major benefit of using rubber instead of concrete is that our product can be easily installed and removed if any road maintenance is needed.

Traffic lane dividers protect bike riders by creating clear demarcation lanes. To complete your range of traffic safety, please have a look at our raised pavement markers!