Traffic and safety cones 

Traffic and safety cones for sale made with reflective films

Traffic and safety cones are key products regarding traffic safety supply. They are also known as road safety cones, traffic pylons or warning cones. As a road cones’ manufacturer, we can adapt to any traffic cone specifications and requirements:

  • Many sizes are available: 12”, 18”, 28” and 36” traffic cones for American and Australian standards, and also 300mm, 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm for European standards.
  • Orange base or black base.
  • Traffic cones’ colors: from orange cones to green safety cones, you can also ask for blue, pink, purple, red or yellow traffic cones. You can also find a wide range of colors for our traffic safety flags.
  • Collapsible safety cones: you can also choose folding traffic cones, easily storable and adapted for emergency needs.
  • Sino Concept manufactures US traffic cones and Australian safety cones, which comply with the United States MUTCD and Australian government standards.You can choose road safety cones and traffic pylons either with standard bases, either with heavy black bases to increase stability.Would you like custom traffic cones? We can add logos, stripes or even...

  • We at Sino Concept produce road safety cones according to the European standards about traffic cones for sale. Because every European country has its own traffic regulation, we can also customize road cones conferring to your specific needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any projects concerning traffic control cones and road construction cones!

  • Discover our HDPE traffic cones! We at Sino Concept can adapt our products to offer you cheap traffic cones. Our construction cones, also used as parking lot cones and roadside cones, have one of the best price-performance you can find on the market.Make a smart choice and purchase HDPE traffic cones at Sino Concept!

  • Discover Sino Concept’s collapsible cones. Also known as pop-up safety cones, their main advantage is to be easily storable. You can just collapse them and place them in your vehicle.Our collapsible traffic cones are equipped with a light on top, for a high-visibility at night.At Sino Concept, we also provide bags for our pop up cones with either one or...

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Since we are a traffic cones’ manufacturer, we control each step of the production and offer you reflective safety cones made from both PVC and HDPE (high-density polyethylene).

Discover here our parking cones’ options:

  • Base: We manufacture black and weighted PVC base cones to ensure a strong stability. Moreover, our one-piece design prevents the base from disconnecting after a violent shock.
  • Reflective film option: You can choose between an engineering grade and a high intensity grade reflective film (DES2) for your reflective traffic cones. However, the high intensity grade is more efficient than the engineering grade for low-visibility areas. We highly recommend the high intensity grade reflective film to optimize road safety at night.
  • Traffic cone specifications: With Sino Concept, you have the possibility to choose between small traffic cones or large traffic cones, American and Australian standards or European standards, PVC traffic cones with lights or weighted bases, collapsible traffic cones or colored traffic cones.


Simply because it is a highly visible color. The MUTCD, ANSI, and OSHA all recognize our traditional “blaze orange” color as being highly visible to drivers.

Orange traffic cones are used primarily to indicate temporary traffic control zones and can be spotted on roads across the globe.

However, lime green traffic cones are also very famous for their high visibility!


You wonder what are blue or green traffic cones for? Why should you purchase traffic cones in pink or white?

According to your needs, choose your safety pylons through a wide range of traffic cones color:

Pink Traffic ConePink traffic cones: For childcare centers, pre- and primary school areas, sports, parties and other events.
Yellow safety coneYellow safety cones: Indicate wet floors and show a general warning.
Purple construction ConePurple traffic cones: Sports, parties, and other events.
Orange construction ConeOrange safety cones: Construction and maintenance warning.
Blue road coneBlue road cones: Blue safety cones indicate accessible parking and show motorist services guidance.
Red road ConeRed traffic cones: Signal for STOP or prohibition.
Green Traffic ConeGreen road cones: Used for directions guidance.
White Traffic ConeWhite cones: Indicate valet parking areas and regulation.
Lime Green safety ConeLime green traffic cones: Signal for increased pedestrian activity as well as marking entrances.
Black safety ConeBlack traffic cones: Valet parking areas, regulation and also used as a contrast to other traffic cones.


We provide sturdy and efficient PVC traffic cones:

  • Robustness: We provide ultra-flexible and unbreakable reflective traffic cones. Our products will resist impacts; repeated shocks, UV rays, chemical products and temperature changes.
  • Perfect visibility: Our traffic control cones also resist fading and come with engineering grade (class R1B) or high-intensity reflective vinyl stripes (DES2). You can also find our highly visible films on our reflective posts.
  • Easy installation: Security cones are very easy to install. But we at Sino Concept added a gripping system for an even easier installation and traction.
  • Compliance with established standards: As a road safety cones’ manufacturer, we adapted our products to the US, Australian and European standards. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes, and can customize roadside cones according to your needs.
quality control logo by Sino concept
  • Meticulous quality control: We appreciate high-quality work and great design. We manufacture traffic cones wholesale while controlling each production steps.

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As a road cones’ supplier, we are able to answer all your question about traffic and safety cones. Feel free to contact us!