Traffic safety equipment 

Sino Concept’s traffic safety equipment and road safety products

Discover Sino Concept’s range of traffic safety equipment! We have everything you need to keep your construction or roadwork site safe: from reflective posts to sandbags but also caution flags, windsocks and much more!

We are specialized in manufacturing custom products. If you can’t find what you need on our website, feel free to contact us and share your project with us!

If you are interested in road safety products and safety accessories, you might also want to check out our traffic safety supply page!

  • Our sand bags for sale are usually used to hold temporary traffic signs. Because those signs are not fixed to the ground, they need to be held down by heavy duty sand bags. Our sand sacks are specially designed to endure extreme weather conditions and last for a very long time.As a sandbag supplier, we manufacture our sandbags with heat-sealed edges and...

  • Sino Concept's reflective posts are highly visible at night or any weather conditions, to make construction areas safer.Very easy to install and highly durable, this traffic safety product is usually used on highways or on construction sites, like our sand bags.Mainly used in France, reflective post markers are more and more used in Europe.At Sino...

  • The main purpose of windsocks and wind cones is to represent the wind direction and speed. Our safety windsocks can be used in different places but are mostly used in airports.Specialized in traffic safety equipment, Sino Concept manufactures windsocks for sale in order to offer you attractive prices. We use Dacron as raw material, which guarantees a...

  • Our traffic safety flags are mostly used for directing traffic and warning pedestrians and vehicles of dangers. Because Sino Concept’s traffic flags and warning flags are highly visible, they can be used for construction works, emergency situations and many other places.This product can also be used as a caution flag for sportive activities like ATV, bike...

  • Sino Concepts' tripod sign stands, better known as “Triopan” traffic safety signs, are an essential complement to your assortment of traffic safety equipment.This road safety product is mainly used as a temporary road sign to secure dangerous spots and regulate the traffic quickly and clearly.Compared to the typical traffic signs, symbols are printed on a...

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Reflective vest, hat, t-shirt and glove.
  • Reflective vests and coats: Construction workers, motorcyclists and crossing guards have to be visible from drivers. Wearing a high-visibility safety vest is a good way to let drivers know that you are on the road, at night or bad weather conditions.
Two orange safety tripods
  • Roll up construction and tripod signs: Specially used as temporary traffic signs, this product is easy to install and remove. Use it to let drivers know of potential danger. A different version called tripod, commonly used in Europe, includes the sign directly in the device.
Red and white plastic post with chain.
  • Plastic posts with chains: Useful to close areas to pedestrian, plastic stanchions are easily portable due to their light weight. You can carry this traffic safety equipment easily from one construction site to another. The most common colors are red with white and black with yellow.
Red and orange warning flags.
  • Safety flags: Mostly used for directing traffic and warning pedestrians and vehicles of dangers. Highly visible and suitable for construction works, emergency situations and parking lot direction. They can also be used for sportive activities like ATV, bike and kayak events.
Orange vertical traffic panel with white reflective stripes.
  • Vertical traffic panels: They help to protect and inform drivers near construction sites, or work zones. Wide ranges of messages can be print on it according to your needs. They are highly resistant to shocks and do not damage cars.
Six construction hat of different colors.
  • Hard hats: Protect workers from sun, injuries, dust and many other dangers on your construction site with our safety hats. These safety accessories will avoid many troubles in case of accidents in work zones. We can also customize them for your needs.
Three different colors of caution tape.
  • Caution tapes: Also called warning tape, it is the ideal road safety product to restrict areas such as construction zones or dangerous areas. Red or yellow are the most common colors. Every type of messages can be written on it, depending on your needs.
Red and white windsock with blue sky on the background.
  • Windsocks: Mainly used to represent the wind direction and speed. Do not take any risks on the road and drive safely by being aware of the direction and strength of the wind!
  • Sand bags: Because temporary signs are not fixed to the ground, you can use this traffic safety product to hold them down.


  • Durability: At Sino Concept, we strive to produce long-lasting traffic safety products for you. We use superior quality rubber, vinyl, hot-dip galvanized steel and plastic to ensure you excellent products.
  • Weather resistance: We make sure that all of our equipment is completely weather proof so that you can use it without getting rust and deteriorate.
  • Customization: We currently offer an extensive range of traffic safety equipment, but any requests for particular uses will be promptly answered.
  • Superior quality: We meticulously control each step of production, from design to shipping. We also make sure that the packing is as rigorous as our high production standards to guarantee a safe delivery.
  • Low-priced: We are a French-owned company that produces in Qingdao, China. We manufacture in our own factories. With no middlemen, enjoy low prices.

If you are interested in our traffic safety equipment range or if you have some special requests, feel free to contact us!