Road reflectors 

Reflective road reflectors and pavement markers for traffic safety equipment

Our road reflectors and road studs are a solution to guide drivers, without the need for expensive street lights. They are also known as pavement markers or traffic reflectors.

Those reflective road markers are used to alert motorists and drivers from hazards and possible dangers. Reduce the risk of accidents by improving the road marking. At Sino Concept, we offer a broad range of complementary road reflectors.

If you need more than our reflective pavement markers to create clear borders and lanes, feel free also to check our delineator posts.

  • All of our glass road studs are made of sturdy and durable tempered glass and can withstand impact from daily traffic. The dome design prevents water and dirt from stagnating, which makes our road reflectors a convenient reflective road safety product.Choose Sino Concept for your reflective road markers!

  • Thanks to their design, our aluminum and plastic road studs are very easy to install. Choose our raised pavement markers for a cost-effective solution to create clear and visible road lanes. Our road reflectors are manufactured from superior plastic or durable cast aluminum, and made with highly reflective lenses.

  • Sino Concept has a broad range of road markers. That's why we offer you two different types of guardrail reflectors:Our double-sided steel guardrail reflectors are manufactured from galvanized steel and implemented with resistant reflective lenses. They are designed to be bolted directly on roadside railings. Our double-sided vulcanized rubber...

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Red glass road reflector on black rubber base.Three glass road markers.

Glass road reflectors:

  • Small glass road studsThis model is created with high-quality rubber, which makes it quick and easy to install on highways.
  • Big glass road studs: Made of sturdy tempered glass, they can withstand more than 40 tons and have a 360° reflectivity.
Aluminium rectangular raised pavement marker.Rectangular plastic raised pavement marker.

Raised pavement markers:

  • Aluminum raised pavement markers: Our aluminum road studs are cost-effective and easy to install. They are usually anchored on the streets, but we can add any other fixings if needed.
  • Plastic raised pavement markers: Made from thermoplastic and with high reflective lenses, those plastic road studs are easy to set up because of their self-adhesiveness.
Trapezium raised pavement marker.Three rectangular guardrail reflectors.

Guardrail reflectors:

  • Steel guardrail reflector: To offer you long-lasting road reflectors, we use galvanized steel and PMMA lensesYou can usually install this product with screws, but we can provide other fixings according to your needs.
  • Thermoplastic rubber guardrail reflector: Made from vulcanized rubber, their installation habitually requires a bolt-on fitting, but we can add other fixings as well.


  • Price: Manufactured in our own factories, you can get our reflective road studs at very attractive prices. Being a manufacturer makes us more reactive, flexible and competitive.
  • Resistance: Our pavement reflectors are made from premium materials for high resistance to accidents, vandalism and constant impacts of vehicles. Our pavement marker delineators can last for years and resist to extreme temperature variations.
  • Functionality: Sino Concept’s road markers are highly versatile and can be used on guardrails, sign posts and many other places, both for temporary and permanent use.
  • Visibility: All pavement markers increase the visibility of obstacles, thanks to their reflective lenses. They are particularly perfect for fog and rainy areas or used as an emergency driveway reflectors.


High Quality Products for the Best Price
  • Expertise: Due to our experience and thanks to our team of engineers and designers, we can offer you high-quality reflective road safety products. We use superior materials and we set up precise quality controls.
Customized Road Reflectors
  • Customized: Our priority is the customer service. We are a reliable, customer-oriented and competent road reflectors’ supplier. Feel free to express your thoughts and wishes, we will be happy to receive all of your requirements and ideas regarding our guardrail delineators.
Safety First - Road Reflectors
  • Safety First: Pavement markers help drivers to see lanes and other objects better and earlier. Sino Concept’s traffic reflectors make roads safer.

Make Sino Concept your road studs' manufacturer! If you need more than our road reflectors to complete your range, you should check our traffic safety supply page.