Portable Barriers 

Portable and pedestrian barriers and barricades to protect and maintain crowdsTo ensure the maximum level of safety for events, we manufacture a broad range of portable barriers. From normal pedestrian barriers for sale to crowd barricades or portable safety barriers, keep people and crowd safe and structured. We manufacture superior quality crowd control fences in our own factories.

If you need to protect people during any events or on construction sites, choose Sino Concept for portable barricades and metal barriers like European crowd control barriers!

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  • Price: We manufacture all our crowd control barriers for sale in our own factories in China. We can guarantee high quality at attractive prices by cutting out middlemen!
  • Quality: Our team carefully checks each step of the crowd control fencing production. We offer the appropriate finishing treatments according to the final use of the control barriers.
  • Finishing: Galvanization or powder-coating will protect barricades fencing from corrosion. Our products are robust and durable enough to be used for many years!
  • Transportation: We take care of each step of the shipping process. Different products can be shipped in the same container to cut transportation costs!
Design of Portable Barriers
  • Innovative features:  Designed to be used for many events, our portable safety barricades combine durability and manageability in a sleek and lightweight design. And for an easy handling and set-up, all of our portable barriers feature an innovative handle.

Do you want to get a customized design? Choose our laser cutting option or color your crowd barriers with a great powder coated finish.


We also specialize in custom-made products. We can customize any crowd control fences according to your requirements, needs, and specifications! Our team has years of experience in custom-made production so we will be able to revise all relevant aspects of your 2D and 3D designs.

We work with you on feasibility, price, loading optimization, transport calculation and many more features.

Make a smart choice, and choose Sino Concept for your portable barriers needs! If you want to discover another kind of pedestrian barriers, please check out our safety barricades.