Safety barricades 

Safety barriers range available in metal and plastic for construction sites

Safety barriers are crucial to protect workers and pedestrians during maintenance work. Prevent hazards by using our industrial safety barriers.

Since we only use superior materials and high-quality finishing, all of Sino Concept’s metal pedestrian barriers will last for years!

Make a smart choice and choose our construction safety barriers!

  • Sino Concept’s site safety barriers are perfect to provide a temporary barricade and a protection for construction zones and roadwork’s.All of our safety barricades provide excellent protection while complying with standard safety regulations.To be sure that accidents will not happen on your building site, complete your construction site safety range of...

  • Durable and light, our plastic barricades are used to protecting workers and pedestrians during maintenance works.Because we produce in our own factories, we at Sino Concept can guarantees you superior quality for plastic crowd control barricades, also called plastic pedestrian barriers.

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  • Customized: We offer options including large or small plates to add your logo to our safety barriers with a laser-cut process. We can also apply a sticker or a color matching your requirements.
  • Lightweight but sturdy: The steel tube construction makes them very strong to survive in construction site conditions, but light enough to be lifted by hand.
  • Highly visible: Our metal pedestrian barriers are highly visible to make sure that they can be seen in all weather conditions and at every time of day.
  • High-quality: Each metal barrier is checked by our quality inspectors to guarantee durability and high-quality. In addition, each step of the manufacturing process is supervised from order to delivery.
  • Cost effective: By cutting out middlemen, we are able to offer very attractive prices on the market while maintaining the highest quality products.


A construction site must be clearly marked to preserve safe zones, above all for pedestrian safety. Using construction safety barriers while building or demolishing a site is mandatory in many countries, with the aim of:

  • Highlighting building work areas.
  • Defining danger zones.
  • Protecting building areas from unauthorized personnel.

To ensure the safety of everyone, safety barriers have to be in accordance with local laws and regulations. These are some very basic rules of compliance that are nearly universal and applicable with all of our metal barriers:

  • Safety barriers in poor condition are prohibited: durable steel designs keep our barriers effective for long-term.
  • Steel barriers must be rigid and hard-wearing: our barriers are powder-coated and corrosion-resistant.
  • Construction site barriers must not present any prominent hazards: rounded corners and sleek finishes make our temporary barriers safe and polished.
  • Interlocking system barriers: our products can span wide areas without compromising on stability or security.
  • Metal pedestrian barriers must be stable: our barriers have wide feet that ensure strong stability.
  • They should allow a minimum space of 9 cm between the road and the barrier’s base.


  • Strong construction: To assemble each steel tube, we weld notched tubes so that they will slot together. As a result, the welding will be perfectly harmonious all around the tube. A great manufacturing process you can also find on our European crowd control.
  • Universal: We provided our safety barriers with 400 mm U-shaped feet for increased stability.
  • Interlocking system: Sino Concept added a hook system to interlock as many temporary barriers as you require. They are multi-purpose, allowing you to interlock them with any type of barrier.
  • Reflective stripes: We do not only care about the construction and finish of our industrial safety barriers, but we also add white reflective stripes that we stick by ourselves in our own factories for a perfect line up.
  • Nameplate: Our construction safety barriers are equipped with a large middle plate. With a thickness of 1 mm, it is fully resistant to impacts. And to be sure you won’t get your product stolen, add a company logo or name!

Would you like safety barriers in plastic? Feel free to check out our plastic barricades!