Custom manufacturing 

Custom and outsourced manufacturing for custom-made products

Sino Concept is more than a street furniture or traffic safety producer. We are also specialized in custom manufacturing. We have developed a wide range designed to meet our customer’s requirements. And because we are producing in our own factories, custom-made products become affordable! When receiving a request for outsourcing manufacturing, we design and produce to satisfy and respect our customer’s requests. And because we fully respect confidentiality, the products you can discover here are just an overview of the bespoke products that we have already manufactured.


  • Sino Concept’s plastic folding tables are used for any indoor or outdoor events: exhibitions, meetings, parties, banquets or more.Easy to storage and to transport, our folding round tables are also available in rectangular shape.Our portable folding tables are made of polyethylene which ensures resistance and lightness at the same time. The frame is...

  • Sino Concept’s dirt bike stands are used for motocross and bike checking. After a while without using, especially after winter seasons, vehicles need to be checked, the best way to do it is to use motocross bike stands.Treated after fabrication with zinc coated steel and including different accessories, we manufacture great motocross stands!To discover...

  • Beer garden tables are ideal for indoors and outdoors events. They can be used for festivals, charity fairs or private events like family meetings or corporate gatherings.Sino Concept provides you a range of sturdy and quality German beer tables and Oktoberfest tables.We can customize our beer garden furniture according to your needs, like all the...

  • Rubber wheel chocks are very useful safety equipment. To use our wheels’ chocks for trucks and cars, placed them under vehicle’s wheels to prevent involuntary movements.We are specialized in heavy duty wheel chocks made from recycled rubber.Make Sino Concept your wheel chocks supplier and enjoy factory prices. Feel free to contact us and request a quote...

  • Sino Concept offers you grits spreaders, also called walk behind spreaders, for commercial and residential use. All our ice melt spreaders are specially designed to withstand winter season and perform flawlessly.Our rock salt spreaders come in two different designs. Moreover, you can choose:The hopper capacity. The color of the hopper. Decide if you...

  • Prevent slips and falls with our wet floor signs! Make people aware of wet floors by using slippery floor signs, and avoid unlucky falls and injuries.Place yellow wet floor signs in stairwells and on wet or slippery floors to prevent slipping or tripping.No matter which language you speak, we at Sino Concept are specialized in custom manufacturing. We can...

  • Our plastic outdoor trash cans are made from recycled and pure plastic to ensure a superior quality product. Our plastic garbage cans are very easy to install and remove. You can choose between green, red, black or any colors you want. Our team of designers can also create a new item for you or change the plastic trash bins in a recycle trash can by...

  • Sino Concept’s Kravallstakets are crowd barriers manufactured according to the Swedish standards and requirements.We design and produce crowd control barriers and metal barriers in our own factories, in the understanding of the environment in which it will be used.To handle masses and ensure crowd safety by keeping people away from restricted areas,...

  • Our outdoor notice boards are an excellent product for elections or advertising campaigns. Outdoor bulletin boards and external notice boards are lightweight and maneuverable, which makes them very useful for trade shows or seasonal events.Those outdoor message boards are a crucial part of French election campaigns, and candidates have to use them to let...

  • The must-have on exhibitions or private events: Sino Concept’s grid wall panels! Sleek design and versatile, our grid wall displays are particularly easy to install.Being an essential element of exhibition furniture, you can use grid panels as art display panels for exhibitions and other shows. Whether it is for professional users or private purposes, our...

  • Commercial bike racks are needed to park bikes while riding to school, university, library, or any other public area. In order to have a great structured and an eye-catching environment, bike parking racks become more and more important in all public areas.Grid bike racks are available in the most various shapes, materials and dimensions. And finishes,...

  • Sino Concept offers a large variety of outdoor bike racks including wave bike racks, also called loop bike racks. They are popular in the USA and are often used for schools, commercial areas or parks.The wave racks’modern design brings style and function to any urban environment.The wide tube and powder coat finish make it super tough while its wave shape...

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Custom manufacturing is the process to create product according to customers’ unique specifications. There are many things to consider when manufacturing bespoke products:

  • Design (blueprint)
  • Safety standards
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing process
  • Finishing (corrosion)
  • Costing
  • Transport
  • Installation

We will be happy to create the product you need. As a French and Chinese manufacturing company, we take care of the whole process from design to shipment. With our know-how and expertise, we are a reliable partner when it comes to outsourced manufacturing!


Here are the main reasons why to choose Sino Concept as a custom manufacturer:

  • Expertise and monitoring: To fulfill your expectations, we associate the skills of our designers and engineers with our know-how about steel, rubber and plastic. We can manufacture various bespoke products, no matter the size, material or finishing.
  • In-house fabrication: Because we have our own factories in China, every step of the production is strictly supervised by our QC. From raw materials reception to packing, everything is made and controlled by our team.
  • Respect your budget: For all our custom manufacturing operations, we carefully choose our raw materials. We study factors like resistance, weight, and cost to meet your expectations while respecting your budget.


  • Transport and regulations: At Sino Concept, we can manage the whole transportation process from the beginning to the end, depending on your needs.
  • Qualified and reactive team: Experienced, dynamic and motivated, our team will help you with custom manufacturing or sub-contracting.


Sino Concept is a Chinese manufacturing company whose aim is to help you become more competitive and efficient.

For you, we can customize products according to your need at very attractive prices!

If you want to know more, please check our products and discover our plastic folding tables, grit spreaders or beer garden tables.


Specialized in industrial production for many years, we have developed competencies and expertise for various material:

  • Steel: We master all the techniques to manufacture products made of steel, cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel. Thanks to our numerous machines and equipment, we can provide subcontracting operations like welding, casting, stamping or flow drilling.
  • Rubber: Since 2013, our third factory is dedicated to products made of vulcanized rubber, like wheel chocks. We control every step of the production from rubber recycling to vulcanization, and realize studies, specific molds, samplings and final tests.
  • Plastic: We also produce several plastic products in PVC, polyurethane and polyethylene such as our plastic folding tables. We developed several production processes like injection, rotational or blow molding.

Sino Concept is your custom manufacturer for all of your needs! Feel free to contact us regarding our custom manufacturing.