Removable bollards 

Removable bollards and lockable parking posts with easy installation

In some areas, removable bollards are more convenient than permanent bollards. Those removable parking posts will restrict accesses while making the area still available for emergency or maintenance vehicles.

If you already have standard bollards, you can also just add to them a removable bollard system.

Read below the advantages of our lockable bollards. And want to discover more kinds of bollards, check our range of parking bollards!

  • Our removable bollard systems are a great solution if you have fixed bollards with a diameter of 76 mm (2.99 in) and if you want to turn them into removable bollards.

  • Our removable parking posts, also called lockable parking posts, are installed everywhere! Those decorative removable bollards and removable security posts are designed to be fitted securely into a specially designed sleeve for an easy installation and removal.

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Our removable security bollards are the perfect solution for areas that require a high degree of security. Find below all the details about lockable removable bollards from Sino Concept:

  • Adaptability: With our bollard systems, you can turn all posts from Sino Concept with a diameter of Ø 76 x 3mm (Ø 2.99 x 0.12 in.) into convenient removable steel bollards.
  • Safety: When bollards are removed from wherever they are mounted, they often leave holes that can be hazardous to pedestrians and vehicles. Our bollard systems have a flat surface and lies flush with the concrete.
  • User-friendliness: Remove multiple bollards in a few seconds! You just need a small triangle key to release the bollard from its mount. Just turn the key and lift the bollard out.
  • Innovation: Do not let dirt accumulate in the hole of your removable bollard system. It is perfectly molded to our removable parking post: only a thin ring remains open while bollards are removed.

Do you want to permanently restrict industrial areas? Our removable bollards might be replaced in this case by our safety bollards!