Drop over cable protector 

Polyethylene drop over cable protectors and covers

Sino Concept’s drop over cable protectors are designed for indoor and outdoor environments, and withstand up to 2086.23 lbs. (946,3 kg).

Very fast and easy to install, our drop over cord covers are mainly used in offices, factories, home garages and more.

Molded from extremely durable polyethylene, we guarantee a superior quality for very attractive prices!

  • Sino Concept manufactures a broad range of cable protectors from small to large. Discover our smallest drop over cable cover designed to protect your wires from any harm. Designed with 1 channel and made from polyethylene this lightweight cable cover will be easy to store, transport and set up!

  • This medium drop over cable cover is manufactured with 1 or 2 channels. It will be a great alternative to the small and big models. Its resistance comes from a light but strong polyethylene, ensuring it to survive any mistreatment from being stepped-on to rolled-over. What makes this design unique is the 4 special cavities on each side of the cable...

  • The large drop over cable covers is the biggest model Sino Concept is manufacturing. Available with 1, 2 or 3 channels, this drop over cable protector can be set up in various areas and will resist heavy foot and wheel traffic. Moreover, the cable cover is proposed with an anti-slip surface to ensure the safety of both vehicle and people stepping over...

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We offer you three different drop over cable covers:

Small drop over cable protector model

Available with 1 channel, this design is more adapted for small spaces. Light and easy to handle, you can set it up straightforwardly.

Medium drop over cable protector model

This design is manufactured with 1 or 2 channels. Great alternative to the small and big models!

Large drop over cable protector model

Enjoy more choices with this model, available in 1, 2 or 3 channels. This design has the advantage to withstand heavier charges than the small and medium models.


  • Quality: We at Sino Concept choose superior quality raw materials to manufacture long-lasting and durable cable protectors.
  • Customization: According to your needs, we can customize our products to adapt designs to your requirements. Contact our team for any further information!
  • Safety: Thanks to our drop over cable protectors, prevent pedestrians and vehicles against slipping over cables.
  • Prices: Because we are manufacturing in our own factories, cut the middleman and enjoy very attractive prices!

Increase your traffic equipment and request a quote now for drop over cable protectors! And if you want to discover another model of cable protectors, check out our hose fire ramps.