Outdoor notice board

Our outdoor notice boards are an excellent product for elections or advertising campaigns. Outdoor bulletin boards and external notice boards are lightweight and maneuverable, which makes them very useful for trade shows or seasonal events.

Those outdoor message boards are a crucial part of French election campaigns, and candidates have to use them to let citizens know about their candidacy. Nevertheless, other democracies all over the world use outside notice boards for different purposes.

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ProductOutdoor bulletin board
Height2225 mm (7.30 ft)
Width1075 mm (3.53 ft) / 1585 mm (5.20 ft)
Display plate1700 x 1000 mm (5.58 x 3.28 ft)
Tube diameter35 x 1,5 mm (5.31 x 0.06 in)
  • Manufactured from galvanized steel
  • Double-sided display
  • Sturdy welded frame
FinishingSturdy hot dipped galvanized (after welding) frame
Outdoor bulletin board
2225 mm (7.30 ft)1075 mm (3.53 ft)
1585 mm (5.20 ft)
Display plateTube diameter
1700 x 1000 mm (5.58 x 3.28 ft)35 x 1,5 mm (5.31 x 0.06 in)
  • Manufactured from galvanized steel
  • Double-sided display
  • Sturdy welded frame
Sturdy hot dipped galvanized (after welding) frame


  • Adaptable: Sino Concept’s exterior notice boards are easy to use with a huge range of arms and fittings, to maximize the effect of your campaign posters! If you do not have the right legs, you still can install them into the ground or a concrete block. We also added two interlocking joints on each board sides for an extra stability and larger advertisements.
  • Versatile: Our outside display boards are economical, portable and durable, which makes them perfect for a range of different locations. Be sure to install them at highly frequented public places to reach as many voters and customers as possible.
  • Resilient: Our outdoor notice boards offer much support and security thanks to their sturdy steel construction! We only use superior quality steel to manufacture our external notice boards. We also galvanize the frame for more durability.
  • Customizable: Our product comes with a metallic color but as always, we can design any individual requests to customize our high-quality outdoor message boards!

Feel free to contact us and ask different options for your product.


  • Fast delivery: All our factories are based in Qingdao, which has the 7th busiest port in China, allowing us to ship your order within a very short term and with minimum transportation fees. Benefit from our export skills and relax while waiting for your products. 
  • Attractive prices: Since we manufacture in our factories, work directly with a producer and get the best possible prices. You may also want to have a look at our highly cost-effective display panels.
  • Quality control: Once your outdoor poster boards are ready for shipment, our quality control inspectors check your product one by one. Quality is as important to you as it is for us!


The ways and means of using our outdoor notice boards are regulated and are most of the time explained in the civil code of each country. Those rules can vary from one country to another. However, there are still some regulations that apply to most of them and can result in some penalties if you don’t follow them.

In France for example, campaign posters are limited to panel’s areas. Any posters stick on a wall, a tree or public properties are illegal and should be removed.

As your complete satisfaction is one of our primary goals, we want to ensure you the best for your campaign!

Our outdoor notice boards are especially best sellers in France, but Sino concept has already convinced customers from many different countries that our product is an excellent solution for advertising or elections.

Outdoor display boards range to use outdoor for election campaign Notice board to use outdoor for election campaign Triangle outdoor display board with smooth surface Outdoor message board to be connected by metal screws Triangle outdoor message board with smooth surface Outdoor notice board to be connected by metal screws

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