Speed cushion Australia

Sino Concept’s speed cushions Australia are sold everywhere in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc. Those traffic calming products are used to force drivers to decelerate and prevent accidents. Thanks to their durable material, our rubber speed cushions will last for years.

We can easily differentiate this model from the other ones:

  • Parts: All our rubber speed cushions are composed of 4 or 6 parts, except in Australia where there are 10 pieces (6 central parts with a white stripe and 4 angles).
  • Thickness: Australian standards require a thicker product than in Europe and United-States: 75 mm (2.95 in).
  • Stripes: It must have alternating parallel white stripes instead of reflective arrows like our speed cushions UK.

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ProductSpeed cushion Australia
Length2000 mm (6.56 ft.)
Width1600 mm (5.25 ft.)
Thickness75 mm (2.95 in.)
OptionsAvailable in other colors upon request.
PackingEach cushion is shipped in its own wooden box with all installation accessories included.

If you need more than speed cushions Australia to slow down the traffic, you should check our lane separators!

Rubber speed cushion with 10 parts according to Australian road safety standards Speed cushion with parallel white stripes according to Australian standards Speed cushion with white stripes in Australian design Rubber speed cushion with white film to be used as traffic calming measure

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