HDPE Traffic delineator post

Our HDPE traffic delineator posts are designed to meet EU National Road Network requirements. Those models of delineator posts are installed to alert drivers for upcoming intersections and junctions.

Made from a mix of polyethylene and EVA, it withstands shocks, UV lights and temperature differences. Their intense colors and their two reflective films help to prevent obstacles and guide vehicles.

Our traffic delineators also have a reinforced base for better durability and stability.

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ProductHDPE traffic delineator post
Height750 mm (2.46 ft.)
Tube diameter200 mm (0.65 ft.)
FinishingHigh-intensity grade reflective film
AccessoriesFittings and key (not included)

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Flexible delineator posts range in different colors with reflective films Polyethylene traffic delineators in white green yellow and red with reflective stripes Traffic delineator in white made from EVA and polyethylene Flexible traffic delineator in green coloration with reflective film Traffic delineator post high-density polyethylene in yellow coloration Red plastic traffic delineator post with reflective film Delineator post white colored for traffic safety equipment Green flexible delineator post made from polyethylene with reflective films Yellow highway traffic delineator made from high-density polyethylene Delineator post available in red color for traffic safety equipment Traffic delineator post in white made from polyethylene Polyethylene and EVA traffic delineator post green colored Yellow high-density polyethylene traffic delineator post for sale Polyethylene traffic delineator post in red with reflective film Delineator white post made from polyethylene with reflective films Roadway traffic delineator post in green with reflective stripes Flexible delineator post polyethylene with yellow coloration Red road delineator post with highly reflective films

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