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Located in Qingdao (China), Sino Concept is a French owned and operated manufacturing group specialized in Traffic Safety Equipment and Site Furnishings. Our European and Chinese backgrounds give you the best of both worlds by offering you bilingual customer service with a high level of professionalism and provision of high-quality products. Our close proximity to our manufacturing sites enables us to ensure strict quality control and pass on competitive factory prices to our customers.

Our history

In 2009, Felix BIZOUARD, a graduate of EMBA School (Europe-Asia International Business), created his own site furnishings company in Qingdao. Since then, Sino Concept has been developing rapidly and has established itself as the major Street furniture suppliers.

Our first factory, specialized in street furniture, opened in 2010 and was quickly followed by a second one in 2011, specializing in safety equipment. As a result of our initial successes and of our specific knowledge in the field of rubber, we decided to branch out into Traffic Safety Equipment with a third factory in 2013.

Today, as Sino Concept keeps expanding and growing, we own a total of 15,000 square meters of factory space and supply more than one hundred different customers around the world.

Félix Bizouard

“At Sino Concept, we attach a great importance to providing the best-quality products while meeting our customers’ budget expectations. That’s what people are looking for and what we are especially famous for delivering!” Félix BIZOUARD - CEO

Victorien Dubot

“Our bilingual team’s youth and dynamism are what makes us efficient and able to react. In this way, buying in China will seem to you as easy as buying abroad!” Victorien DUBOT - Operations Manager

Our experience and up-to-date machinery enable us to manufacture a variety of custom-made products according to your own ideas and specifications.

Ben Yu

“After many years working with Felix, our expertise and in-house production capacities have significantly improved as well as our quality standards. To me, the quality and reliability of our production process are what make the crucial difference between us and the competition.” Ben YU - Factory Manager

Our Know-How

Félix Bizouard (PDG) avec les barrières de police Sino Concept

We insist on consistent quality so our manufacturing processes and surface treatments are realized in our own factories as opposed to relying on contractors. We utilize our many years of manufacturing experience to produce traffic safety supplies but also site furnishings products! We also specialize in traffic safety products made from recycled rubber (Speed cushions, speed bumps, speed humps, cable protectors etc). We produce and direct all the surface treatments ourselves in our own factories (Powder painting, electrophoretic deposition, hot dip galvanizing process, etc) to fully guarantee high-quality finishing and our customer’s complete satisfaction.

Sino Concept also provides custom-made products to meet your personalized projects, ideas, and exact design specifications. Our creative design department is always on hand to help move your project from the drawing board into your warehouse. In order to respect the confidentiality of our clients, only a small selection of our manufactured products is uploaded onto our website.

Our customers

Respecting the privacy of our clients is something Sino Concept takes very seriously. For this reason, we do not mention our customers’ name or personal information.

Of course, most of our customers are traffic safety or site furnishings supplier but also resellers, mail-order retailers, wholesalers, distributors, road marking companies etc.

Why do our customers enjoy working with Sino Concept? Top reasons why our customers particularly like working with Sino Concept:
  • Our consistent quality and professionalism
  • Secure packing
  • Our attractive prices
  • Our proactivity and dynamism
  • Quality finishing
  • Our motivation and enthusiasm

Sino Concept around the world

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